Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I got a little relatively inexpensive macro lens with my camera and these are just some random pictures. I know I have a LOT to learn about this one as well as the regular "everyday" one. I got the instruction book out (yes, it has an actual printed book, not online) last night and read about several buttons and knobs and there are soooo many settings! I'm still not sure after years and years and our old Canon AE1, what aperture is. I know. Ridiculous. 

The last picture was made tonight when we came home from car club eat-out - Paul got more post lights for the "stoop" and it was so pretty under the bright moon.

Surprise lily from Martha Grisham. Paul planted the "49" she brought. I think they're a little late; seems like I remember seeing hers earlier this year. Paul is so good. I don't think there's much of anything he wouldn't do or try to do for me. He has planted and built, hacked vines, cleared brush, building the deck... An octagonal - because "that will give it some character." It has. I've posted several pictures on FB and people have so kindly commented. And that I'm working him too hard! It's just in him. He can't seem to stop... 

Paul's hat hanging on Aunt Ginny's antique hall tree that's at our house because she didn't have room for it... It's just been in this house always.

Kitchen things on the shelf of the cart. The enamel ware, rolling pin and egg beater were Mama Nick's.

Me, Mama, Sherron. I think it's 1992, our house in Wynne - in the swing.

Gourds from Amy in my "pinched" bowl from pottery class 2006. (Has it been seven years??) Fiesta Ware plates.

Pitcher by front window. This was sent to Mama Nick's funeral with a flower arrangement in it. 

Old salt and pepper shakers against backsplash. Remembered from originals we had when we were kids - one is from Sher. I found the other... They were always for "Pat" and "Sherron." Pepper and Salt.  She has a pair, too.

Milk bottles in window. Both from Sher. (I need to wash these windows before cold weather. You would be amazed how fast spiders spin...)

Persian Shield I never put in dirt.

Aunt Ginny's homemade muscadine jelly - from vines Uncle Wendell planted many years ago.

Mama's yellow snail with the jelly.

The deck at night. Paul bought me a Black and Decker leaf blower today (my request). He got a battery-powered, light-weight one. So much easier than sweeping. Why haven't I had one for the carport these two years??

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