Sunday, June 23, 2013


Finally a little caught up on all the pictures I took - time at Sherron's plus wedding plus pictures on phone downloaded. All copied, backed up, e-devices made for Sher and Melanie. I'll do a condensed version for Mike and Marsha. 

The first week I was back home I just didn't do much of anything. Every day I would unpack a little and watch the month-old dust bunnies swirl around. Paul did a great job of keeping dishes washed, sheets laundered (twice), clutter to a minimum. Oh, yes, there was all that mail stacked up... Then the next week was busy with something - book club and 20th Century Club social, this and that. This past Monday I finally began on the carport, cleaning inward to the back of the house. The office where I'm sitting is all that's left to clean - and it's a sight. Everything that needs to have a resting spot till it's put away ends up in here. Oh, and we got U-Verse wifi which is just wonderful. No more satellite. The dish is still there, but the switch is made! Love it!

Sher and I love each other's houses. Every time I go I walk from room to room taking pictures of little things, vignettes, whole rooms, the sun room, the place I sat during the day and watched the Today Show, then sat and crocheted scarves, then read, and napped. We ate ice cream, walked on the pier at St. Andrews Bay, shopped for beach wedding attire (men's shirts, pants, Mel's after wedding dress), ate downtown at a new coffee shop, drove to Appalachicola, bought sea sponges, books, ice cream, make up, went to consignment shop, cooked, went to her food group, went to her church... 

Now she is preparing her house to rent out while she is in a military school in Montgomery beginning in late July through June - (graduation is next June). A single lady with an elderly aunt will rent it unfurnished which means packing, storing. By herself. I told her to bring small things here and I'd keep in her bedroom while she's in Alabama: the Loon Bird I made her, the little girl doll I saved from the house fire and which we dressed, bought shoes and hair band for two years ago, picture negatives will go in a lock box at the bank. I will just rent another one in my name, she can be on my signature and then pay me the rent. I'll call tomorrow and see if this will work. Otherwise she'd have to have an account with some kind of minimum balance.

Aunt Margaret... So pretty. JoAnn picked me up one day and she bought pizza for lunch, which AM enjoyed. 

After eating this for two days I had a very bad stomach. I don't mean two different ones. I just took part home in a cup and finished it off.


Waiting for me.

Oscar was so tired. This was at the hotel we stayed for the wedding.

Breakfast on Mama's table. Sher's taking the table and chairs to the rental house in Montgomery.

A beautiful home in Appalachicola.

A "small" shark. He threw it back.

Yes. Nice.

So many shells.

Sher's sunroom.

Sea turtle we saw beneath the pier. He stayed a few minutes then dove off into the deep.

Waves from another vantage point - from the county pier.


Rita. She took over the food group.

Coming off the pier.

From St. Andrews Bay.

Sher loved the old linoleum I got from the farmhouse being remodeled here.

Jasmine on her fence - Bonnie's deck beyond.

Amy cartoonized us. (I may have posted these pictures before. I'm too tired to look back.)

We offered the next-table neighbors to share...

She got the adirondac chairs painted and her geckos on the gates.

Mocha coffee or some such - made her extremely happy!

Nice quotes.

Pier Park where the mall is.

Panoramic view of somewhere - where we did yoga one afternoon and where we had breakfast one mid-morning.

Sea lovers.

Mexico Beach. We stayed here last year.

In the sponge shop at Appalachicola.

Sisters, sisters...

Through the years.

Nice shadow on the floor.

Breakfast here - Appalachicola.

On the way to Pensacola, we met Mike and Marsha, who stayed the other way, in Ft. Walton Beach.

Absolutely loved the strong sea breeze!

"Wait, I'm here!"

Mike, Marsha, me, Oscar.

Amy and Sher on the little spot of beach at our hotel.
 Panama City Beach - on the Boardwalk - near Hemingway's (family dinner), and Castaway's (wedding.)

Yes, still loving it!

This is huge - goes around 4 or 5 times. Costs $15 to ride. I didn't; Amy, Sher, Jordan did.

More beach walk.

The wind was blowing clean through my ears! This is a protective doggy bag...

The original of me, Bonnie, Sher.

"You want what done by when??!!"

Pretty tall - perspective with palms.

And if you haven't read Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, put it on your soon-to-read list - before you read another book... I thought I'd just get September's book club reading out of the way before I start on my stack, and I'm glad I did. It is very thought provoking and wise. Written in 1953, it is so prescient of today it's scary. As was 1984 which I started and now plan to finish. 

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