Thursday, January 03, 2013


Paul and I went to Tupelo mid-morning for his doctor's appointment. The cyst is improving. The doctor just did an exam and told him to return in three weeks for follow-up.  Afterward we ate at Applebee's - three-cheese chicken penne, spinach dip, little shooter desserts. (I think my hot fudge sundae had a pint of ice cream in it.) The cats were almost out of hairball management food, so I got some at PetSmart. I also looked at "cat grass," which is wheat grass... I sure didn't buy any - it was $6.99 for a little four-inch square of straggly, half-dead grass that looked as if it hadn't been watered in two weeks. It was clearly at "kitty Christmas gift" with kitty in Santa hat... I looked at wheat grass seed online - Amazon has it. Lucy loves my plants and I scolded her constantly until I moved them back in "Sher's" room. Deprived kitty.

The A/C repairman is coming at 8:30 in the morning to see about this dreadful, smelly, musty heat pump. Amy and I can smell it, but Paul can't, but his sense of smell isn't as keen as ours... but I've described the cycling on/off before. Last night I had to get up three times - the odor woke me every couple of hours and I finally put the thermostat on 64, where it stayed until I got up this morning. Oscar, Lucy and Tommy all slept with us - they kept us warm. I suppose we returned the favor.  I'll turn the bedroom and bathroom vents off tonight as well as turn it down. Just don't know - either a plethora of mold and moss growing in the unit or something has indeed given up the ghost and decayed. My sinuses were pretty good, in fact I'd say didn't burn, the whole time we were gone. Once home, the first time it did its dastardly cycle, I started choking up and my nose burning.

I finished Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore tonight. Starting out I didn't know it was a "fantasy" sort of book, but it was good. A cute book, surprising. Like an adult Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew sort of book, with technology, Google, old books, old bookstores, long black gowns, underground libraries and mysterious typeset as much characters as the people. The kind of book I like to be surprised with, like when I was a kid and figuring out the plots and stories  The book jacket is a nice surprise, too. (You have to see it in person.)

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