Monday, December 31, 2012


The house is quiet. All the decorations are packed and put away. Amy packed and drove away. Paul and I just had New Year's Eve supper from Sonic since my sinuses won't stand the cold night air. I napped this afternoon and Paul putzed in the garage. We learned of a sweet young friend's death in Wynne, whose name also was Terry, and I'm so sad for her best friend. Brenda lost a dear friend she'd known through work - Joe. The ends and the beginnings. Old years, new years. Sadnesses and looking forward to new days. Janus.

Barney gave us a much needed laugh today as he tried to retrieve a ball ornament from under the bookcase.

Some odds and ends for the last of 2012...

Cousins Emmy and Rose
Jo and Tuck Russell at Mineral Springs Park arch - the one our 20th Century Club decorates
Kiley at the library party talking to Santa. I think he was very good to her!
Oscar's sweet dreams.
Sher's Belgian waffles
Sweet Tyler. Just sweet.
 Emmy and Rose
Amy and baby Barney
Tyler and Grandmommy
Amy - Tishomingo State Park

I would be remiss to fail to mention my great Bible study group - we usually have two studies a year for 5-8 weeks at Elsie's house. I'm not the most disciplined student; I do try to have all my work done. But it's the fellowship with these women that is so dear to me. When we moved back home, I knew Charlotte and Judy, but none of the others. I'd say we're a very close group and I love them very much.

Charlotte V
 Edna G
 Elsie N, in whose home we meet
 Grace L
 Jackie W
 Judy M
 Villa Mae L

And remembering...

Mama and Daddy Nick at Oak Grove

 Paul tying down the flowers
Mama at Pleasant Hill

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