Monday, September 03, 2012


Saturday I helped with our club's tent at the park, serving homemade ice cream, white beans and cornbread, sausage and biscuits and big ol' dill pickles. Early I took the essentials we were all signed up to take: bottled water and paper towels, as well as a long tong for the pickles. Then I came back home, cut some branches of Roes of Sharon flowers and a couple of roses still blooming, got Oscar, stopped by Hardee's for coffee and a biscuit, and went to the cemetery. Saturday was five years since Mama went to be with the Lord and I went to spend a few minutes at Pleasant Hill at her and her mama and daddy's graves. The morning was still cool and there were cows in the pasture just over the fence, which Oscar spotted right away. Big dogs? They looked at him/us curiously and went on with their grazing.

Hardly seems possible it has been five years. Mama would be happy to know I'm back "home." I just wish we could have had more time together - here. But not for anything, except her to be healthy here on earth, would I want her back. When Sher was here we watched the little short videos of her that I'd made on my phone, 6 and 7 years ago - at Christmas time, making biscuits; on Memorial Day, picnicking in the yard, hugging Nate. Looking at the familiar gestures she made - most always she had a Kleenex in her hand and adjusted her glasses often. Our sweet little soft Mama. 

After our trip to the cemetery, I brought Oscar home, loaded up the white beans and crock pot and went to the park. Paul was going to help me, but we decided I could manage. I found a place fairly close, parked and took the crock pot to our ten. Then Terrie called for a staff cart and I was nicely conveyed back to my truck to get the beans, which were heavier than the crock pot. Ruth Ellen got a good picture of us headed out. I couldn't manage to step up high into the main cab of the thing, so I sat on the lower back seat, facing backward. (I should have waved like the Queen, but I restrained myself.) The ones who manned the ice cream makers (7 containers) probably didn't sit down all day - they made ice cream from 8 a.m. to about 2 p.m., when they had used up all the milk and mix. Fredda and husband Sam, Fredda's sister and husband, and Maxine did all the ice cream making. It was delicious. I think they saved the last container for themselves, a long-time tradition. By that time, Charlotte, who lives in Iuka; and Frank and Martha, our other long-time friends (I'll not say old) who live in Olive Branch, found me in the park, and they helped me get my pans to the truck. Frank and Martha were staying in Corinth and going to attend her church's homecoming Sunday (Sardis). After going home and resting, showering, we picked Charlotte up - I had called Brenda and Jimmy - and we met Frank and Martha in Corinth to eat. I was so thankful to have made such a long and eventful day and wasn't just exhausted. (I did nap a couple hours after church on Sunday.)

Homemade vanilla ice cream. His shirt couldn't have said it better.

Brenda, me, Charlotte, Martha. Cell phone picture at night just not the best. But we are!

It was so good being with - ok - old friends - so blessed to all be able to be together after all these years. Charlotte and Brenda have known each other since grade school. Jim is Charlotte's cousin. Martha and Charlotte graduated from Burnsville together. Paul and Frank were good buddies in school. Brenda and I were best buds at old Iuka HS, too. And we all meshed. Just picked up where we left off, talk now about retirement and grandkids (only Paul and I don't have any!), old Wahoo board game and how F&M's has spawned many other boards for their family members. Paul made the original boards 45 years ago. Martha has the original marbles that they started playing with so many years ago. Once they left their board at a motel on vacation and the motel folks sent to back to them at their home! Precious piece of wood with so many memories surrounding it. 

Facebook has many pictures of the Heritage Day activities on pages: Opal Lovelace Photography and The Tishomingo County News/Vidette. There are others I'm sure, but I've only looked at those. I'm in one picture on the Vidette pictures. If anyone looks, I'm in #54.

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