Wednesday, September 05, 2012


This morning I finalized the Club Yearbook with Jo. Met Salinda and her nephew's wife Sherree at Aunt Polly's. and visited about 45 minutes, then we met Patsy and Edwina for lunch at Homestead. After lunch we went to Edwina's (all except Patsy, who isn't retired - yet) - she was filling Salinda in on our family tree - Thorne family - great grands, some Daniel family too. About 3:00 I had to leave. Went to library got some books (3 by Charles Martin; currently reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, picked up mine and Sher's commemorative coins, signed prints (Lila Ham) and books (Heritage Day and Susquecentennial) at Harold's office. No nap today - maybe I'll sleep better tonight.

It's about 10.5 miles to Polly's. I always think i've passed it and then there it is. Just a little way past the water tank on the way to Eastport. 

Tommy is going to ballgame with Paul Saturday. Hope the weather's good. It rained last time Tommy went - maybe better this time, but he so enjoyed it - was glad Paul called him. Aunt Ginny and I plan to watch a movie (War Horse) and I asked Charlotte to come, too.

Fixin' get ready for bed. My goodness almost 8:00. Can remember a time I'd be just getting started!  

Good day with the cousins and just putzing around. Love, love, love family and friends!

My view of the trees every morning. Sometimes Lucy, sometimes Tommy, sometimes both, especially if I've opened the window on cool days and crawled back in bed.

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