Monday, August 06, 2012


Sher was supposed to be here Saturday, but upon getting her car inspected for the trip, she had to have some work done. The part won't be in until tomorrow, so likely she won't be here until Wednesday. She can add a couple of days to the end of next week to her visit, which she'd planned to use to "unwind" and get ready for work the following week. My sister is never at a loss for finding things to do and will be busy until then.

I got my computer back - finally. My good old desk top. The one I threaten to replace with another laptop or Mac. The sound was fixed; it has a new "mother board." Other work performed in the cyber realms: cleaned the hard drive. Cleaned. Therefore, I had to reload all my stand along programs, including Family Tree Maker, MS Office, Publisher... I do not know why the shop didn't call to see if I might possibly have the disks; now there are other programs on there "as good or better" than Microsoft. OK, but I was used to that, and you didn't ask. Oh, well. First I cried, then I put on my BGP and went to work. I've decided since I did have the files backed up on an external hard drive, right now I won't even try to reload all that. I pretty much know where it is, what I use and will just copy over as needed.

I've decided I have sleep apnea. I have been in a state of denial for a long time because I didn't want to have to wear that mask thingy - cpap. But I've also decided I don't want to have weird dogs-chasing-me dreams and wake up with tingling arms and racing heart - I have enough to do trying to keep it in rythym. As soon as Sher's visit is over I plan to see about having a study. Reluctantly. I had one done in January 2006; I remember because it was at the end of the week Teri died. It was normal. I don't know how they tell about those anyway, because I for one couldn't sleep well knowing where I was and all the electric nodes hooked up to various parts of my body - head, face, chest, legs. Well, it is what it is.

I can tell summer is winding down some. All our little tomatoes are gone. The onions I planted from the free sets from the store are in the refrigerator. I told Paul to test one before he chomped down on them. When I rinsed them off, they really were strong and I didn't even cut them! Petunias have held on for a long time. The roses are still blooming. I bought two more knock-out roses Friday that were on sale for $5 apiece. Also got Charlotte one. Paul planted them in a gap in the row of spirea bordering the front of the yard. Cicadas are loud. Condensation drips on the outside of the windows, the humidity is so bad. (I did get all the window sills and facings varnished and cleaned up; sheers washed - 16 windows, four or five days.) It only takes one condensation dripping down the pane to get the inside sashes dirty again. I washed outside windows in the spring; maybe they'll get another wash this fall.

I've been giving Tommy Cat amoxicillin for about a week - it says two times a week. Once is enough for both of us. He is better about sneezing all over everything. I got a second opinion for him, and there is a possibility of sinus/dental problems. He eats fine, though; no drooling. Maybe once it frosts he will be better. I don't know why he didn't have this problem last summer if it's allergies.

Paul and I have been watching some of the Olympics - it's amazing to see the athletes perform - the physical and mental preparation is awesome. To think they do this for hours a day in training. I applaud all of them, whether they even get a medal. Just to achieve what they have and to actually be in the Olympics is great.

He and his younger brother have a trip planned to Gatlinburg later this week/weekend. Tommy rides his bicycle (like an Olympian I think!) hours at a time and has set goals of places to ride. He wants to ride over the Smokies and Paul is the perfect traveling mate because he doesn't ride but will pick Tommy up at the end of his ride. I had told them Sunday (Tommy's birthday) they needed to go while Sher is here and we could have "girl time." Teasing. But they'll be back Saturday and  Sher doesn't leave till later next week.

I don't mean to stay away from bloggy so long at a time. I just get busy with other things. Anyway, no plans to stop. Can't believe this is six and a half years I've been doing this. Thanks to all who still stop by...

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