Saturday, August 18, 2012


A busy couple of weeks - Sherron made it here and home fine - we had a wonderful visit. In the midst of it, I hurt my back, but we trooped onward. Tuesday Paul and I went to Memphis and I got an injection in my SI joint, oh joy... No, it didn't hurt, and it has helped. But ever other day... Just rest and recover.

But we had a wonderful visit. Toward the end, the last day or two, we are always in a frenzy to finish up what we had "planned." We never seem to get everything done we meant to. We're never bored when we're together! We had a cookout with family last Saturday evening - fourteen people here; Paul grilled hamburgers, hot dogs. Last week, I don't even remember which night now, several of us went to Dinner Bell restaurant in Corinth to eat, all in my little Explorer. Mike took the very back seat, the teeny-tiny third seat. Had a great time, laughing at silly family stories. Not a very clear picture here but so glad we were all together.

Kiley (Steve's granddaughter) with Teri's umbrella, which I keep hanging by the back door. I dreamed about Teri last night.

While Sher was here, she and I (mostly she; I was her sous chef) cooked supper for Brenda and Charlotte and us. Had a wonderful time visiting; Charlotte brought a "life scrapbook" and it had pictures of us three back in the day, in our late teens, early twenties - at Brenda's folks' house - Paul, Brenda, Charlotte, me, Martha. Such fun looking back, but then wondering how time went by so fast. A few tears, lots of laughs. Great friends, great memories. So glad Sher took pictures of us this time.

Charlotte, Frank, Noonan (Brenda's little brother), me, Bren.

Me, Martha, Paul at Brenda's house. I think they caught me by surprise. A different time from above; different clothes, unless I had just changed!

Me, Brenda, Charlotte...

Yesterday afternoon, Charlene Nicholson called and said she and Bill were in Corinth, driving to Huntsville. I told her they'd come right through Iuka, they should come see us. They did! Had a great visit of about an hour before they went on their way. So good just to see old friends' faces, catch up on other friends and Wynne news.

Last night Tommy and Carol invited us to go with them to take Aunt Ginny out for her birthday. We ate at Country Squire on old Highway 72 - fantastic food! Everyone had steaks except me; I opted for the grilled fish, which was also excellent. But I had a bite of Paul's filet and it was awesome! Aunt Ginny looked so pretty - she's 91, but elegant in that genteel Southern Lady way.

Mike and Steve (brothers) are here this morning finishing up the metal trim on the garage where Paul couldn't hold it up and nail at the same time. They're wonderful brothers - love them both so much. Told Sher I was so proud of them all; Mama would be, too. She loved us so much. I feel a bit matriarchal now that I'm the oldest one in the family...

Our Heritage Day is Labor Day weekend - our Twentieth Century Club has a fund-raising "booth" of selling homemade ice cream, white beans/cornbread. This year is also the Sesquecentennial (150th anniversary) of the Battle of Iuka. The town is expecting a huge crowd - I've heard 10,000. That's quite a lot for a town this size - about 3,000. I said I would do what I could, under the circumstances of my back. I can cook beans and take bottled water and paper towels... If it's very hot or humid I won't be able to stay long. I've never seen a battle re-enactment, but there will be one and I'd like to see it one time.

Muscadines will be ready, Aunt Ginny said, about Labor Day. These few are from the vines Uncle Wendell planted many years ago. They've taken over the apple trees in the orchard. Mama Nick used to make jelly and it was my favorite. Maybe I can figure it out. I got jars and some Sure Jell... I'm sure it takes brains, too. I don't know what kind of tree the leaves are from, but there is a huge tall one in Aunt Ginny's yard. She said she'd look at it and see if she knew. There are sprouts in our yard, two along the driveway I'd like to keep. Speaking of trees - we've (I've) decided to go ahead and get the pine trees cut between the house and the road. They're a nice "privacy barrier," but harbor ticks and mushrooms - there are limbs falling all the time, as well as pine cones and needles. Other trees should be able to grow better and there wil be quite a few left - there are probably two dozen each of pines and other types of trees, so we'll still have shade and privacy.

I got two loads of clothes done, hamburgers cooked for lunch, and not much else done. The guys are still outside hammering on the building. Windows in the office are open and I can hear them working; Lucy is enjoying the fresh air. It got cold in the house and I turned the A/C temp up. Love fall, love the sounds, scents, air, crispness, hushedness, restingness.

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