Monday, March 26, 2012


Today's agenda included two trips to the veterinarian. First I took Tommy, not to be confused with brother-in-law, although it did look funny to fill his forms out for him: Tommy Nichols. Dr. Nunley fixed him up with flea medication (also for Lucy), a shot for allergies, and recommendation for hairball cat food. Since Oscar's allergy medicine had about overcome me on Saturday (I had to wash everything, open windows and turn fans on. Wonder why it took three weeks for it to get to me? ), he also got a shot this afternoon. And a pedicure and another little procedure he would be embarrassed to have told. So. I'm feeding each cat in separate rooms with the doors closed. They have eaten, though not all, at least they "tasted" it. Oscar won't taste his yet. (He has, I noticed.) His super-duper food is for skin and hair, since he is so sensitive, allergic and has dry skin. My-oh-my! Maybe Tommy will stop throwing up all over the place, stop sneezing all over the place, and Oscar will stop scratching all over the place. Lucy just goes on her merry little way in her glass bubble.

I have a back seat full of clothes to take to Goodwill tomorrow. Then plan a stop at Lowe's for crape myrtles, lorapedalum, sweet potato vines, and paint-matching. Paul is steadily working on his garage; he has finished the front of the house, which looks great. We thought about enclosing the posts in cedar also, but the posts then would be too large - out of proportion. I'll take a scrap of cedar and see if Lowe's can match the color or close to it, so the white posts won't stand out. Worth a try. Some landscaping to be done. And the shutters have to be painted and put back up. A step at a time...

Had a spell of vertigo last night; not even sure it was that - I was dizzy, but I think I made the mistake of taking all of my night meds at once. They are usually spaced out with 2-3 hours between some. Terrible thing to have. Couple of ladies in my Sunday School class have it also. I'd almost rather break my ankle as have that. Almost.

The dogwoods have bloomed out early and are bright and gorgeous. So many around the house. I did a panoramic series of the back yard, if I can get them put together.  I did get it put together. It will stop just short of uploading. So I'll see if it will go on Facebook. It did. Turned out pretty good, if I do say so, for a first panoramic picture. I'll post some more later. The pan shot just never uploaded here; too large a file, I guess. The pictures I post here have to be cropped and they still take a long time to upload. So I have to say goodnight now.

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