Thursday, January 26, 2012


I didn't sleep well last night and was going to stay in my jammies all day. I had the recurring dream - about driving into water, or near the water's edge. It's been a while since I've had it. It's disturbing, not exactly scary, but not pleasant either.

This morning I did paperwork, minutes for Women on Mission, worked on thank you note for the Vidette (newspaper), did some laundry. Paul has been sick the last couple of days with a cold and he absolutely rests, which is why he seems to get over pretty fast. He takes OTC cold medicine and sleeps. I'm sure working out in the yard set it off, regardless of what medical science says. He wasn't sick before. He worked sleeveless - it was a beautiful day, but then cooler in the evening.

Sandra called me about 1:00 and asked if I could go help finish cleaning Mama Nick's room out, so we did that. I'm so glad it wasn't me alone, because as Brenda says, "You have to touch and feel and ooh-ahh over everything." It took about an hour to finish. We left the recliner, chest and two tables for someone else to use. Carrington said they would be glad to have it as some don't have as much.

It's rained so much that below the house is standing in water again and surely all this will pack the dirt down well over the field line. I'll be glad to get it leveled so that huge long brown scar can start healing and growing green again.

Across my back feels as if someone tied a huge knot in it and Paul did massage some of it out a while ago. Bedtime for Bonzo pretty soon. Going to take an Aleve and get on heating pad for a bit.

Have been listening to my sister-in-law Carol's CD and it's so pretty. I don't tire of hearing the old gospel songs and some of the newer ones. She said there are plans to add a guitar track to it.

Tomorrow is a rest day. Tomorrow night is the retreat at Harmony; and Saturday morning. Even Aunt Ginny had to slow down last night and today. Before I went to sleep I felt so empty and I know it was missing Mama Nick, the time after all the busyness.

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