Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A lot has happened since I wrote last.

Sunday morning Paul and I moved our church membershp from Wynne to Iuka Baptist. What a great feeling to look around the congregation and see so many familiar faces - Nancy B and I connected immediately and just beamed at each other. (Her mother and my grandmother were first cousins. If I said that before, well, there it is again... Just a sign of age or exuberance...) The last time Paul and I stood at that altar, we were getting married! We're having such a good time! In the evening service a quartet sang (Unity 4), Southern gospel, and there was ice cream and dessert afterward. Bren and her husband Jim came and we sat together, arm to arm, reading each other's thoughts at certain songs, holding so many memories together. She was my maid of honor at mine and Paul's wedding, too, so she was there at that altar.

Yesterday, we both worked pretty hard - the three huge end tables we and Mama Nick had had for 40 years went out. I'm looking for a coffee table and couple of end tables; have already chosen one online for near one window in the living room. Paul hauled the old tables to Goodwill in Corinth.

Some of this is excerpted from email to Bren tonight:

Busy, busy day today (Tuesday). Took Oscar to Nunley's Animal's Choice Veterinary Clinic - very impressed - I'm sure I've been by there, just never took notice - so neat, pretty. Nice staff, O looked great. Went by WM, got containers, yet again; was gonna get Aunt Ginny's bday pix done but machine broken. Went by PO but closed (open @ 9); then home, baked dessert for Young at Heart - went there for lunch, program; really good time - Tab (Paul's cousin's wife) and Bobbie Counce sang - some hymns, some old - like King of the Road! Linda Hester was there - we sat with her - she told about book club at library; will try to go next time; Jo Russell told me about WMU; she and her husband Tucker lived in LR early 60's. WMU meets one hour - no potluck. so that's 3 things I've already got going. Registered to vote. Went by Iuka Discount Furniture - saw Johnny S - looked at coffee table, end tables. Home, and Sandra came out, showed me quilt pieces she'd put together; got out all pix of Nichols family I knew of and sent home with her - David wants her to scan them, be easy to store on disks, easy to copy; I said, good, you can make me a copy if you will! He's all excited about the family pic I found - and it's Daddy Nick's mother's side of the family - Burns - not Nichols. He'd seen it before; Googled an aunt's name and found all the names! But their cousin Nan (all into genealogy) said she'd send a key, too. Talked to Edwina; will go next week and help her with scanning pix.  Sher called; usually does when gets off work, we talk till she gets her walk done or gets home. Paul and I ate light supper - cheese/crackers/apple crumble I made.

Got all pic albums put away - at least all in same room; no one place big enough for all of them; that was a job. Not in date order, but at least they're put away. I know I keep thinking somewhat like I did at work - I always tried to have that day's work finished before I would go home, and that's not like that with moving. It is still there.

Sher reminded me of saying on phone book several yrs ago - probably 20 - "Mississippi - It's Like Coming Home!" and it is!!

And for the first time in my life today someone told me I - I! - was outgoing!!!  She said, you and your husband are both outgoing... what a praise to God! If not for Him!! A lot of the deeply buried/forgotten memories of life in this little town are coming back to me when I talk to folks. It's like a flower opening up to the sun; I know that maybe sounds trite, but it's the way I feel - coming home. I've always loved the verse about God putting the solitary in families. He did it when we moved to Wynne - what a wonderful family of friends there; and He's done it again, bringing us back to family here. Maybe this is the "honeymoon" of the move; maybe the new will wear off. I hope not. I hope I never cease to be surprised at being warmed by the love of these people and the "feel" of this place.

Thank you, God, for your grace - I look back especially two years ago when I was still at work, and You literally "hung in there with me!" Amazing grace! Thank You for these happy, relaxing times with Paul, family and friends. 

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