Monday, August 15, 2011


I asked Paul this morning when I got up why he wasn't outside. "It's cold!" It was! Sixty-four degrees - no humidity. Absolutely wonderful! Lately the humidity and heat have kept me indoors so much; I have a coughing spell when the humidity hits me.

I don't imagine all the dust in the house has anything to do with it...  I do spot clean, but it isn't easy when everything isn't in place. This morning we made a small start on the boxes on the carport. I unloaded three of those and a couple or three already in the "office." It's the worst. I did make lots of progress in the den which is den/kitchen, some things found their places and I hung a few pictures.

But I spent some time outdoors today, besides hanging sheets to dry.  God's creations were busy and beautiful.

The old plank bridge over the little gulley that the girls used to walk over through the woods to Aunt Ginny's house.

Another pathway behind the house.

A daisy?

Gorgeous butterfly... Summer wanes...

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