Thursday, August 18, 2011


Tara said she gets her love of pens and notebooks from me... I remember we were somewhere together years ago - Sam's maybe - and we got notebooks alike with fake green ostrich covers. I'm sure we got packs of pens or colored pencils or Flairs or something to write with, as if we were so deprived...

I read her blog tonight, catching up. Sweet story about Emmy asking about her Yia Yia (Teri), here. Really good pictures of Emmy, too. Love her colored high tops (b/w picture). The Bible storybook... I unpacked one I had just like it, and it's lying here beside the computer... Sweet to know they're reading it together. Miss Teri so much - she would have been such a fun grandma.

So this morning Paul said he'd like to get the carport cleaned off (what's left of it!). He had enclosed half of it for his garage stuff. There were still boxes of books, kitchen things, even a few boxes of Amy's sitting under plastic cover. In came the boxes of books; I sorted through them. The once half decent looking den and kitchen again looked as if we had just moved in. Well... We had. And out went the boxes of books - discards - someone else can enjoy them, or if the library shelves them, I can check them out and save my shelf space.

Paul put together a rack of steel shelves in the "office" closet. It'll help store things like printer paper, CDs, scrapbook supplies... That whole room look sooo big and seemed humongous in my mind before we got here and put things in it. Now I can hardly walk around in it, but it just takes time. Do I repeat that really often? We've been here a month today.

I got my hair cut today - Bren recommended Janie - and she did a great job.  She "got" my hair - the waves and cowlicks. Nice cut and styled it, too. Amy was going to have hers cut Saturday by Gale, but then she texted me and said it had been an exhausting week and she's not coming this weekend. I don't blame her. One day they had three to prep, then four removals I think. Some days are slow, but some are not.

Tonight we split an Oreo Sonic Blast for dessert; I sat on the swept carport and listened to the stillness of dusk, squirrels chewing birdseed, and things rustling in the grass. Then the cicadas started up loudly; Oscar heard something suspicious in the edge of the woods and took off to tackle it. I called him back and he actually obeyed. We went in; I turned off lights, came in here to turn off the radio (on the computer - WRVR), and so here I am. Checking blogs.

Back to the books tomorrow. Maybe. Could be a day off.

Time to go to bed.

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