Friday, August 05, 2011


This is big birthday month - yesterday Sherron's, today Tommy's (Paul's brother), Sunday is Neall's, Tuesday Aunt Ginny's, Nate's on the 17th, Richard's on the 17th; Bren has lots of family birthdays this month. Happy birthday everyone!

I seem to recall friends telling me that I would get everything unpacked and put away; it just takes time. And I've heard stories of people who have moved who never got everything unpacked. I'm beginning to think we fall into the latter category.

Oh, we have made huge progress and found many treasures (everyday glassware, some pictures, blue canning jars, quilt tops and pieces), and I lovingly and carefully wash the glasses or little saucers (as Brenda would say, feel it and ooh over it :) ), and put them on the counter - which really is quite small, actually. And then I get into a project like today's, baking cupcakes (Snickers!), and everything  is in the way. And into the Goodwill box it goes.  Five little juice glasses, two pairs, one odd; plastic containers (Take Alongs). No more plastic food containers, please! It took us three mornings to get the attic cleaned out and then I labeled all the plastic bins of Amy's dolls, doll clothes, high school stuff, some of my stuff and stacked it neatly up there. As I may have said, plastic bags will turn to ash over time. Maybe the plastic bins will last longer... This is only one little load of what came out of our now attic. And I'm just saying again - if you have space, you will use it. How do people feel who have no stuff sitting around? I mean, they probably have a life, don't they?  A well preserved quilt top - in a plastic bag which disintegrated when I took the fabric out; Sandra will get it quilted and it'll be a beautiful keepsake. Paul's grandmother probably pieced this. Seems every generation has things unfinished, and that another generation will enjoy.

Simplicity - a bowl Paul made in school, found after ages in the attic.

Ah, but just outside the door are photo ops such as these:

My new Mississippi tag is TSU 684. It's official. Paul got all four of our vehicles' tags at once, 682, 683, 684. The antique truck tag will be mailed (permanent like in AR). Now if getting driver's license were so simple. We have to have our Social Security cards, and guess where mine is? In a lockbox in Wynne! Why we didn't empty our lockboxes I do not know. Guess it didn't seem pressing, didn't know we'd need anything, could go back on a visit and get that done. Knowing Paul, he will be up at 6 a.m. Monday morning to make that trip and get our driver's licenses changed over to Mississippi. They still have car inspections here, which amounts to paying $5 for a sticker, for which the attendant asks to see your driver's license, odometer reading, and tag number. You don't even have to honk your horn any more, or turn your lights or blinkers on and off!

Aunt Ginny and I went to a visitation at the funeral home here for one of her friends and distant cousin (Joyce Robertson) and I saw a few folks I remembered, after being introduced to them. I did recognize one lady, but couldn't think of her name till AG told me. Sitting there, looking at people who I wondered if I knew them or not, I did think - people, just people everywhere you go - with souls, good hearts. These could very well be Wynne folks with different lives, faces, relatives. I really missed Wynne folks at that moment, but God seemed to reassure me that indeed, they are all kin and kinfolks but with different lives.

Afterward, we stopped by Velma's and visited her for about 30 minutes. Velma is Aunt G and Mama Nick's sister-in-law. She told me she'd been in the family 60 years and still didn't know all the relatives. AND she has always lived here. So I'm really starting from scratch. (She has a pretty 40" wide GE stove, which is what I'll need when ours is replaced. Because of the width, she said it had to be ordered. I was pretty sure that would be the case.)

I did bake the cupcakes in Mama Nick's oven, with the temperature turned down slightly and the baking time reduced a couple of minutes. They turned out fine. I forgot to put the Snickers in the final eight, but it was still batter-y enough so I slid out the pan and stuck them in. Paul and I each had one for dessert tonight. The recipe made 32, so I'm glad I didn't dump in double the ingredients. That'll be plenty.

Amy is supposed to be home tomorrow; I told her by lunch time - I'm putting on a roast in the crock pot tonight and cooking all those great veggies Bren gave me last night - okra, squash, peas; also tomatoes. I'll clear off the dining room table long enough to sit down to eat!

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