Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Another birthday recognition I need to make: my wonderful friend Becky with whom I worked over twenty years - on August 12! Happy Birthday, Beck!

I've hardly slowed down since Friday.

I began Saturday's dinner by putting a roast on Friday night; Amy got here around 1:30 Saturday and I had everything ready to eat. Mike, Marsha, Morgan, Steven and little Tyler came and Amy got to see Tyler for the first time. Oh, he's growing so! Everyone enjoyed the veggies I got at Bren's Thursday night, especially Amy, who doesn't get "home-cooking" that often! I was glad I'd made my Snickers cupcakes for Aunt Ginny's party on Friday afternoon. Time just got away and we were busy with other things. (It's nice to have that extra fridge; I think I said that. But it sure is handy. Probably not energy efficient, but the point is... it's handy.)

Amy went to visit Mama Nick in the afternoon. Saturday evening we went through boxes and Amy got extras of cleaning supplies and things she could use. Made me feel much better - something she could use, plus freed up some space. (I must stop watching HGTV because those people on there have nothing but tables, cushions and lamps. There are no keepsakes and goofy things sitting around wondering where to go - and I don't mean people!)

Sunday morning we went to Harmony Methodist Church for Aunt Ginny's 90th birthday recognition - there were flowers from nieces and nephews, announcement from the pulpit and in the bulletin. She looked wonderful as always and at her post - handing out bulletins at the front door. Paul, Amy and I; David, Jenni and Jess were there. After church we went by to see Mama Nick and she seemed very pleased to have three of her granddaughters as well as the rest of us there.

At two we went to David and Sandra's and all the Broughton family was there with only two exceptions. Of course, we were sorry Mama Nick couldn't be there, but there were 25 present plus Sandra's daughters and granddaughter! Wonderful time! Aunt Ginny made a little "speech" and said how much she enjoyed it, and that it was the first time since we would go to Mother Ruth and Daddy Lee's (her and Mama Nick's parents) for Christmas that we'd all been together. From Paul, David, Tommy, Glenda and Sammy there was a whole generation of girls, now Tara and Lynn have three little boys under age six! Talk about energy! I shared on Facebook the Kodak link. At right is Jo, seated; standing left to right: Jessica, Jennifer, Aunt Ginny, Amy, Whitney, Marianna, Lynn and Tara. Sister-pairs are beside one another, except Amy and Jo who are "onlies." These are Aunt Ginny's great nieces. Another thing on my to do list: Get Aunt Ginny some prints - she doesn't have a computer. We took a little red rocking chair to David's that we found in the attic; Sandra said Jenni remembered it as hers, or sitting in it at Mama Nick's when MN babysat her. Tommy saw it and said, "Daddy Lee made that for me and I drilled a hole in the arm!" We wondered where the hole had come from. I said they'd just have to share the chair. It stayed at David's. It's been through at least two generations. Paul didn't think it was homemade, but we thought maybe broom handles had been used for the back posts.

Nieces Sandra, Tab, Glenda, Pat, Carol. Glenda is Aunt Ginny's brother's daughter. The rest of us are nieces-in-law, but we know she's our own aunt anyway.

Nephews: Emory, Glenda's husband; Sammy, Glenda's brother; Tommy (Carol), Paul (moi), and David (Sandra), all brothers.

Aunt Ginny with the youngest - Caleb, standing/left, Cohen, behind Aunt Ginny (brothers; Tara's); Corey (Lynn's).

Heath (Tara) and Brandon (Lynn).

Aunt Velma with Aunt Ginny - sisters-in-law. Velma is Glenda and Sammy's mother.

Sandra could hardly wait to see the butterfly squares.

Yesterday Paul went to Wynne to close our lock boxes, and also retrieve my Social Security card which was in one of them. It is something I had to have to get my Mississippi driver's license. (If I repeat, I'm so sorry - I've emailed some of this to other friends...) It rained here in the afternoon and I got quite a lot unpacked. But all I've accomplished is getting the boxes out of the house. It's still so cluttered. I look back at some pictures I made of Wynne house and wonder why??? It just accumulates! I hope I don't want to put all those things back out. I just can't. I have set some "keepsakes" around, and wonder what I'll do with the rest of them. Probably pack them back up, put them in the attic and let someone else find them in another generation, just as we have (some of Mother Ruth's things - pictures, possibly a sewing basket or two, glassware; nothing very valuable except for sentimental reasons.) The greatest finds were quilts - two were quilted onto 100 pound fertilizer sacks, pretty heavy, rough fabric, but nothing was wasted - these were probably at least eighty years old. Two were salvageable; the others had to be thrown away, they were so old. There was one quilt top and another stack of 26 squares (appliqued butterflies) that I gave Sandra because I knew she'd get them pieced and/or quilted.  So he went to Wynne, I stayed here and putzed.

Today we went to Tupelo to get our driver's licenses. Tupelo because... he had a CDL and Corinth could not issue a regular license if one had a CDL, even though he didn't want another CDL... Anyway, we did have what we needed, didn't have to wait terribly long and got decent enough pictures made. If the license plates didn't make it official, the DLs did! We ate at Wendy's (chicken salads - those are really good), and then went to Lowe's to get prices on appliances - stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. Next stop - Sears - comparative shopping. So far Lowe's has Sears beat, but we'll see what this weekend's "special" offers. I've debated stainless steel or white and think I'm going with white: the age and style of the house; I'm afraid stainless steel will show fingerprints and scratches too badly; less expensive.

We had FEMA paperwork to complete once we got home - in quadruplicate - information to look up in the house file. Got that done and ready to mail tomorrow. I asked Paul what tomorrow's project is: "Putting up those other light fixtures."

Tomorrow is Edwina's birthday. Bren had cataract surgery today. I need to take Mama Nick's mail to her. I haven't talked to Aunt Ginny today. Oscar needs a bath. One wants a changing and thank goodness one is NOT on the way...

Since I saw this cartoon, I've thought it hilarious. Used to think it only applied to work, but no...

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