Friday, July 29, 2011


The second week here has flown by!

Three days we had workers under the house, repairing some floor boards and adding beams for stability. There were only three and should have been five, originally. While they were in their claustrophobic space hammering, which upset Oscar because he didn't know which way to search, they looked at the air conditioning duct work - which all needs to be replaced. But we know we don't put new wine in old wineskins - so we may as well have the whole system replaced. We got a quote and waiting on another one. I mean, after all, it's only a thirty-two year old heat pump - air and heat - which was rare in 1979 with new construction. The windows also need some work because they are double-paned and many have lost their seal. Replace panes or replace windows...

We made another loop yesterday evening around some likely houses Bitty would have gone to, but no sign of her. Poor old thing. She may show up, but I've about given up.

Paul was breaking down boxes this morning to take - somewhere. We don't know where yet. My sisters-in-law and two of my nieces came yesterday and helped very much by taking some things they could use or find homes for. I had breakfast with Bren, went to the bank. Our Iuka paper started coming to our new addess; the Progress will start August 1. (Did I say we can listen to KWYN on computers? So we're keeping up as well as we can.)  Paul and I replaced a light fixture in the office - "my room." We got the filing cabinets in the office, bookcases situated (no books placed yet) - I am about to get over my love affair with books and plan to take lots to the library for Friends of the Library resale. Other furniture is finding their homes around the house and at least one more table, maybe two, are going out.  Did I say this house is about twice the size of our Wynne house?? Yes, you definitely fill up any space you have.

When Paul gets his garage started, I've already requested an add-on of about two and a half feet for storage bins, plus a small cedar closet to change out seasonal clothes.

We have more things to take to Goodwill, a list for Lowe's which includes a fan/light for over the kitchen cart and a fixture for the "green room," the one we always used.  The one in there is a western themed "lantern." I can take the green wallpaper for a while, but the light has to be updated!

Sandra has planned a small party for Aunt Ginny's 90th birthday - it's August 9 - and we'll have it at her and David's house on the 7th. I plan to make my Snickers cupcakes if I can get the temperature right on this old stove. It cooks way faster than mine did. They're a little time consuming, so I'll have to set aside the Saturday before to bake them.

We're making progress; there are still a lot of boxes, but many have been emptied and the rooms are beginning to take the shape of their intented purposes.

Gotta go finish the Green Room...

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