Sunday, July 31, 2011


Morgan brought Tyler to see Grandmommy (Marsha) and Granddaddy (Mike), and Marsha called to let us know they were there. The pictures I made are on my phone. Can't believe I didn't take my camera. (Can't believe I cooked chicken today to put on a homemade pizza, then forgot to put it on there! Or yes, maybe I can...) Marsha's sister and mother came while we were there to get their share of sugars - he's such a sweet baby and the grands can't get enough of him. (Paul and I are grands - aunt and uncle...) I'm glad we get to see him more than a couple of times a year! I thought it was so cute that Morgan said, "I understand it all now." Paul asked her what and she said she realized what it means to be on the other side - being a parent, knowing her parents did know what they were talking about!

Yesterday evening we had a good shower and Paul came in from the carport (what's left of it since half is covered utility/storage and half is uncovered storage), and said there was a turtle in the yard. Or maybe a terrapin. I texted Amy about it. "What's a terrapin?" she wanted to know. Poor child. Her parents have never explained it is a kind of turtle. Isn't it? I didn't Google it. But isn't that the one that if it bites you it won't let go until it thunders? I didn't get near - it had already thundered!  He sure has an intense red eye - like the raptor in "Jurassic Park!" This was made with zoom lens. Thirty minutes later, he had "run" off.

Last night I like to wore myself plumb out unloading books and putting them in shelves. I got a few boxes for the Friends of the Library, and a few for the nieces to go through if they want. It feels good  to let go. I'm glad I can at least donate them. If I haven't read them by now... Just crazy.

Paul and I went to church at Iuka Baptist this morning and it was great. We sat with Aunt Velma.  Velma's husband was James L., who was/is Mama Nick and Aunt Ginny's brother, in whose store Paul worked when he was a kid. Velma's children are Sammy and Glenda. Charlotte was there, Brenda's husband's cousin; people we knew in school, though Paul knew more than I did. But it was great being back. There was a guest preacher - the county association minister - and his text was from Luke! Brother Matt would have been so happy!

Other than at least one wedding, this is the first time Paul and I have been there together since we married! I looked at the door Brenda and I walked through, on the side we were sitting on, and the door on the opposite side of the room from which Paul and Frank emerged, and thought how scared silly I was that night! I know Glenda played music for us (she still plays in church); I remember Mama being there, but not the boys, not Sher; barely Paul's parents... I don't know who all was there in fact. I'm sure all the families, but we have few pictures. But it "stuck," for here we are almost 43 years later, coming home together. Poor dear - think of all the chicken I've forgotten to put on his pizzas over the years, and he still loves me...

After church we stopped to see Mama Nick and David was there; we stayed about 40 minutes visiting and it was near the residents' lunch time. Mama Nick wasn't feeling too chipper today, but said she wanted to get up to eat. At home, Paul and I had sandwiches for lunch and napped.

We're about to get boxes sorted out into like kinds of things. I told David to come see us and he said there wasn't a place to sit! I said we had seating areas now and also a pathway to the bathrooms!  It's coming along. I really do better at night - I seem to have more energy - but then I always have. I overdid it last night though and had to take an extra heart rythym pill around 2 a.m. Don't know why it races so at that hour of the morning; just skips during the day but will race at night... Something to ask cardio doc about next time.  I plan to go to bed earlier tonight.

The den...  Really would like to paint this sometime soon to lighten it up! Paul's old recliner (the brown one) needs to be replaced, or reupholstered. It's been done once. Everything on the baker's rack is temporary, not much has found its permanent home yet.

Lucy is in here pestering me about something. Her food is on a box so Oscar won't get it. But she keeps climbing all around and over me, sitting and staring at me. If cats could talk...

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