Friday, July 22, 2011


The rain we had yesterday afternoon was most welcome. However, it blew in both ends of the carport and had us scrambling to cover boxes! I even took down a shower curtain to drape over those on the south end. It did cool things off a lot and I don't think any damage was done. My brother Steve is supposed to come get our two old TVs, microwave, and some other things; I hope he does today - that'll free up a little space.

The kitchen is my goal today. I decided to re-paper some shelves, but I had to take some things out of the cabinets anyway. I sign my name dotting and crossing as I go, if that tells you something about me - I want it all done the first time. But when I got up this morning, everything I left sitting there was still there! We went to bed at 7:30 last night. I will just have to go back and cross some Ts later...

Aunt Ginny will be by at 10:00 this morning to take me to get tomatoes. Bless her heart - I love her to death - but I'm glad we don't have far to go. I would rather be a little queezy than hurt her feelings about her rapid stop/start driving. If she offers for me to drive, I'll take her up on it.

Paul has been up since 4:30. I'm going now and cook real breakfast, which we have taken to eating - it lasts longer than a honey bun, for the work we've been doing! Real country sausage, biscuit (not homemade, but good) and eggs. A working hand's breakfast!

Hope you all have a great day.

Oh, by the way - when I work up this morning, I'm sure Tommy-Cat had either thrown up or peed on my side of the bed. At least it was all wet and no "food." A lovely awakening. I'm thinking the bedroom is gonna have to be off limits to them! Ha! Cats do what they want to! If I close the door, Oscar can't get in, and he is allowed. And Bitty has not come home. I asked around yesterday but no one had seen her... Animals... Amy, you owe me big time.

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