Sunday, July 24, 2011


I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but I'm so used to AT&T DSL that the satellite internet we have is more than a little aggravating. I've called four times in the last two days about the speed. Yesterday it was something about their gateway in Laredo, TX, which is our satellite I guess. Today everything is okay on their end and" go to this website to run a speed test." How should I know what I'm looking for? The rep told me, but the numbers looked nothing like what he said. Well, a slower pace... But not for internet, please.

Meanwhile this morning, the butterflies began taking over the lily bush. This is only one of dozens of Swallowtails that visit two of these bushes in the back yard. We rarely saw butterflies, at least in town, in Wynne. But we never had a lily bush, either!

I've made quite a bit of progress in the kitchen. My sister-in-law Sandra came yesterday and got the rest of the quilts and some dishes. There's a set of china she's going to get for one of the J girls when I get around to putting mine up in the cabinet, switching them out. These egg boxes from Hay's Grocery sure came in handy. These are all gone now, unpacked - we can use the little kitchen cart again.

Bitty has not returned. Amy said when I least expect it, she will stroll up to the house. I sure hope so.

Everything (cats and Oscar) and everyone else (Paul) are napping. We'll go visit Mama Nick for a while this afternoon when we stir around again. He worked outside this morning clearing shrubs from around the air conditioning unit. (We do plan to go to church, just didn't today.) I think I'll go start back on the den now and see if I can make some progress.  I don't know where we had all this stuff. Everyone tells me the boxes will eventually all go away. But I'd better go help them.

The Low Garden, lily bush on the left.

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