Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It's nice to have enough leisure time that you can just run to a city 50 mles away for... a new cat litter box. I wanted to give them time to adjust to it before I also traumatized them with a trip in cat carriers for three hours on Friday. They will have to have some kind of medication... Or I will... They don't like to ride like Oscar does. I asked Paul if he wanted to go with me and since he wasn't busy, he drove.  Quick trip to Petco, found the one we wanted, big enough for Huge Tommy, and home within a couple of hours.

It has a door. Now I'm beginning to think that anyone who would manufacture a cat litter box with a door has never lived with a cat. Maybe a kitten who doesn't know the difference would use it, but not two grown cats. I sprinkled catnip, I coaxed, I sat and tried to reassure Lucy and later Tommy that it was okay, they really could get out once they were inside.  To no avail. I finally Googled "How to Train a Cat to Use a Door on a Litter Box" and the best advice was, "Take the door off." So I did. Now I'm just hoping they'll use this new box. At least it's covered and has plenty of room. It looks like a small camper trailer. And at least Lucy will check it out... (Bitty uses her tiny door on the garage - she was easily trained to go in and out with food as reward. We have found that the other cats in the neighborhood also know how to use it. They just learned that's where her food is.)

Earlier I picked up three more rolls of UHaul tape - great stuff!, boxes at Hays Grocery, returned a couple of items to Caldwell Lumber and got an outlet plate for one that was way behind the bed that Amy took, packed two boxes of old LPs (why am I even keeping half of them!?), cleaned under my bed (found two boxes of Amy's pictures from when she moved before), stacked canvases and prints in a box to add to the stack going to Iuka this weekend...  Every day is a new project. The house is a total wreck. The house in Iuka will be a total wreck for a while, too. But it just takes time. I'm glad sister Sher will be there next week to help.

Such is the life of someone getting ready to move, who has to rest often to relieve the aches and pains, who has to move boxes on the wheeled garden cart.  I've thought a lot about whoever invented/discovered the wheel.  Don't you know he was (or she!) was one happy caveman/woman? Would love to have seen their expression! Wheels are great!

This evening I wandered out into the back yard and looked at the few roses and day lilies that have bloomed. They seem not to be as profuse as last year, but are pretty nonetheless.  I haven't seen any yellow lilies yet.. But these are such an unusual color...

Oscar patiently waits for me to make my round in the yard.

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