Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today's the day we are trying out my breadmaker I bought just before Christmas last year-and this is the first time it's been out of the box.

Thursday night we drove over to Port St Joe to a restaurant that was hosting Storytellers. Pat Nye and another lady were the entertainers telling ghost stories; the food was wonderful too. Sher and I shared a filet and their wonderful mac and cheese.

Yesterday Joann picked me up and we ate lunch with Aunt Margaret.afterward we sat outdoors for awhile and Aunt Margaret's friend Irene came by to visit. I've heard about Irene for years but had never met her. She lives in Tennessee. At 2:00 there was a Halloween party for the residents. A singer/guitarist in a pink bunny suit entertained for an hour. Joann had brought cat ears and boas for the three of us.

This morning Sher and I ate breakfast at the nearby brand new Bay Medical Center hospital. Later she and I looked at sergers and that's on my wish list.

Paul has gone to Starkville to a ballgame and will go to Iuka to spend the night and see his mother.

The bread at least smells good-like bread! I hope it's edible!

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