Friday, October 22, 2010


Happy Birthday to Paul AND his mother who is 92! Paul liked the MSU jacket "I" bought him! Maroon! White!

Mama Nick is doing fairly well although she told me she is in a wheelchair to go to the dining room, but rolls herself! Amazing. She has help with some things but manages pretty well.

Here at Sher's I can hear the horn from the St Andrews Bay Bridge at noon. it just sounded. The weather is wonderful. Tomorrow we're going to Somethin's Cookin' a class in bread and soup making and tasting. Then she's going to a farm tour (organic) but I'm not. I figure it'll be too warm and a lot of walking.

This Tuesday we're planning to see Tops in Blue, the Air Force performers at the Marina Civic Center. it's a free concert and she can get up to four tickets Joann couldn't go but Sher's neighbor Bonnie may.

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