Friday, September 03, 2010


We went to Ken Proctor's visitation this evening at Thompson-Wilson Funeral Home. His death yesterday was such a shock! It was so sudden!

While it was a sad occasion, it was really good to see so many of Amy's-age friends: Kelly, Kyle, Leslie, John and their boys; Mark and Mary Claire, Stephen, and even Rick and Irene, whom I don't see very often - just in passing at church. Leslie, Mary Claire and their families have moved to the NE part of Arkansas; and John, Leslie and their boys are getting ready to do move to Dubai to do mission work. I told Paul it was like going back in time. (Interesting side note: One of my classmates and her husband (both from Iuka) bought Ken's house in Jacksonville when he moved back to Wynne years ago. Linda and Tom (who was in the Air Force) still live in Jacksonville.)

So many pictures of Ken, his family, his interests. I'd forgotten about his Mustang and I don't recall knowing that he rode a motorcycle. Maybe I knew that. He sang for a few years in a quartet with David Dowd, Jeff Epps, and Gary Eakin - (in photo of tape: David, Ken, Gary, Jeff, 1998). Fortunately I still have their tapes and even more fortunate a cassette tape player so I can play them.

In the book we're reading in Bible study - Crazy Love - the second chapter is titled "You Might Not Finish This Chapter." We truly do not know. While I am so grateful for every day, and seem to appreciate each new day even more than the day before (they are going by so quickly!), I know I take a lot for granted. I'm brought up short when I hear things on the radio such as, "Our life span is around 70 years..." And here I am 62. We live like we have forever; I have all these plans and things I want to do, and that's all well and good. But after watching the space video earlier this week and how tiny, miniscule and particulate we are in God's huge realm, I often think about that breath, that vapor I am. Such a short inhale/exhale; mist rising and vanishing.

I read on Facebook or somewhere today a question: "How do you know God has not always been involved in your life?" Or something like that. He is, whether we realize it or acknowledge it. If we just stop and think: Would we want to be hanging in this universe like a speck of dust without God's involvement and being in control of it all? That's a terrifying thought. But think of His mighty hand, holding all things in place just as they should be. He is in control of dust particles and vapors as well as planets, galaxies and universes.

God's Eye Nebula: A trillion-mile long tunnel of glowing gases. ~~Hubble space telescope.



I did manage to make Marsha's apron today. It is not without fault and it gave me more problems than any of the other six so far. But it turned out alright and it's an apron! I just need to standardize my pattern and remember what I did before! (I don't have a pattern - it's all by sight, trial and error. Aprons are not that hard, but standardizing the measurements would help. Me.) I'll get it in the mail to her tomorrow. I'm sure she'll want to take it with her on her and Mike's cruise this month...


I rarely say anything to my friends who return repeatedly to visit here - but thank you so much. It makes me feel good to know that number ticking upward represents so many who are entertained, maybe even informed at times, and keep on comin' back! Thanks!

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