Thursday, September 02, 2010


I went to Memphis today instead of Saturday. Got my little "notepad" on my iPhone fixed - took all of 30 seconds. If you haven't been to an Apple store, it's worth just stepping inside and playing with the iPads, Macs, etc. Busy place! I should have put something beside this iPad photo to compare size to iPhone, but I'd say it's about 4 times as large as the phone. Crystal clear, fast, as easy to read as a book and probably easier to read than a newspaper. I'm sure I won't be getting one soon, but these techy things fascinate me...

Had lunch with Amy at Panera Bread Company. We split a sandwich and a big bowl of their wonderful mac and cheese! She said her ear still feels "funny," and I'm guessing she still has fluid behind her eardrum. I told her she should see the doctor again if it doesn't clear up soon.

I went to JoAnn's Fabrics and Crafts at Winchester exit (north); wonderful store! Must go back when I have more time to browse! I did get some pieces for Marsha's apron and a couple of other girls in the family. There was a Penney's down the way, so I shopped for Mama Nick's birthday present while I was there (I'll be at Sher's in October, her birthday month). I found two outfits I think she'll like; both skirts pull on with elastic waists - easy. Hopefully, I can get her to try them on while I'm there in a couple of weeks in case I have to return or exchange them. Stopped in Lifeway Bookstore and bought Steven Curtis Chapman's "Beauty Will Rise" CD and hIS and his wife's book Choosing to SEE. On the way over, I'd heard him and his wife interviewed on the radio.

I got home about 5:30 and Paul drove up just as I did. We sat on the patio and talked before eating a light supper. He'd been busy all day, non-stop. He's looking forward to the Mississippi State game Saturday in Starkville! Much needed break!

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