Monday, August 09, 2010


I had a followup gastro appointment this morning so I loaded me and Oscar up in the little truck and we came to Memphis. I dropped him off at Amy's. He likes to see Lucy the kitty.

The doctor's office is about 20 minutes from Amy's, and I got there in plenty of time. I had to park on the third level of the garage, but managed to get off at the right floor via elevator. I thought. This didn't look right. The waiting area for the outpatient procedures (not that I was having one) was downstairs. My doctor's name was not on the directory. OK. So I go back to the outpatient level. The directory was still wrong! But there was my urologist's name... I called my doctor's office.

"Where are you located?"

"At 80 Humphreys."

"Oh, okay," I replied as if I'd actually never been there before.

I was in the wrong building.

Back I went to the third level, drove over about 24 speed bumps back down, the same ones I'd bumped over going up. The parking area near 80 Humphreys was full. I drove around and around. Then just decided to settle for any parking spot. And one opened up directly across the street from the building. Thank You, Lord.

I arrived at the front desk at 9:59. And waited an hour and a half for the doctor; but didn't see the doctor. But that was fine. A nice nurse practitioner checked me out and wrote my scripts for me.

I had some errands to run while Amy was finishing her work, so I stopped by Hancock's and got fabric for Sunday School aprons (kindergarden). They'll... Now this is not me doing this - it's Amy's computer... It skipped around and didn't finish what I was typing. And putting letters in the wrong place. Really.

I called Aunt Margaret and she said she was doing okay considering everything. She said Danny had been a good son and she had no regrets. Isn't that wonderful? There will be a memorial for him in a couple of weeks; JoAnn is coming from Florida, and I plan to go. He really was a good, sweet guy.
Edwina called me to see how I am and "when are you coming back?" I told her it'd probably be in September, that "I've already forgotten some names of relatives." She said Aunt Reba made it okay with her being gone on vacation to North Carolina; she didn't like it, but she made it okay. By September it will be somewhat cooler, I hope, and I'll be ready for another trek to Northeast Mississippi. After that, it's Florida or Bust!


Ramey Channell said...

I really like your blog, and I love the photo at the top. I like seeing all your wonderful photos.

Pat said...

Thanks, Ramey!