Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"One" thing I've tried to do since I retired is keep the house clean-er, and have caught myself lately "dusting" things with whatever I have in my hand - paper towel, kitchen towel, hand... (And yes, Teri, you could still find places to write your name on my furniture!). Today was the do-all day; actually, I started Saturday, did some yesterday and finished up with the grand finale today of vacuuming and mopping. I also like to try to keep the carport washed off and today's wash included the security door, which harbors spider webs and dirt daubers' mounds. And it wore me out. I had to have a nap this afternoon, and I didn't cook - McD did. So now at about 9:oo P.M. I'm (almost) wide awake.

Sometime in the next few days I have to round Bitty up to go to the vet's for her annual vaccinations. Poor thing, she knows when I start saying her name or trying to round her up that it isn't good news. I have to sort of pounce on her and take her by surprise. She hates the carrier and hates the ride and hates the shots and deliriously flings herself out when I open the pet carrier when we get home. And this fourteen year-old cat can still jump and run!

Sher got her apron today and plans to hang it in her "coffee nook" - a little bit of counter space where she put her coffee press. She loved the colors and the sailboats.

Brother Mike and his wife Marsha are going to the Bahamas on a cruise in about three weeks. I suppose there's no hurry with her apron, nor is she probably really thinking about it at this time! (She is the deli manager at one of the two big supermarkets in Iuka, and cooks all day, so the apron is mostly just for looks at home and family gatherings, I'm thinking... Cooking isn't what she thinks about at home.)

I may make a trip to Forrest City tomorrow to see if Walmart has any fabric at all. I called and I think they do; West Memphis doesn't, and there's isn't a Hancock's in West Memphis any more. I hate that the Wynne WM quit carrying it, not that I bought a lot in recent years, but now... Anyone know of a good place nearby? I suppose I'll wait till next trip to Memphis or Jonesboro. But then there's the little stash Mama had that I have in the storage building. It's cool enough now I could go through it.

But there are her and Grandma Goobie's pictures to go through and take when I go to Panama City again. I told JoAnn I'd bring them when I come. I made prints of ones I borrowed from her. This is one of JoAnn and Mama about 1998, in Panama City. All of us girls love the seaside. Except for Goobie, I think. She didn't like the water, I seem to recall... (September 1 will be three years since Mama died. I look at her pictures sometime and so wish I could see her, hug her, hear her laugh, say my name... She always said, "I love you, too, Pat," when we rang off. Not just, "I love you, too." but "Pat." Just for me.

And there is the three-inch thick file of pictures on regular paper that I need to put in a notebook, which I have for that purpose...

And the notebook for all those old recipes. I've torn out recipes from magazines and some print copies have just been thrown generally in the direction of the binder. They won't put themselves in there, no matter how hard I wish.

So now that housework is over for a few days...

One project at a time.

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