Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Big Happy Day

By now all our "juking around" has run together, but it doesn't matter so much about the sequence as that we just had so much fun!

Two of Bren and Jim's grandsons - Alex and Andrew (waving). They drive the Chuck Wagon all over the Whitfield hillsides, as does Austin, who is the oldest. But he has graduated to driving the truck across the property.

Roses from Mama Nick's yard. Bren and I got cuttings; used root powder and hoping they'll grow. You see these all over embankments so maybe they'll grow easily.

Two of our classmates we ran into on Saturday. Bobby Enlow at the Relay for Life in
Mineral Springs Park. (David Hubbard mentioned on this site is not my direct line of Hubbard's but somehow related on Goobie's mother's side of the family. Her mother was a Hubbard. I always thought that was funny - "Old Mother Hubbard" in the nursery rhyme!) The other classmate is Janie Tigner Patrick - we saw her and her husband at North Crossroads Cafe, near the TN/MS state line.

Fair View, where many of Bren and Jim's families are buried. I was also surprised to see many Joslins and Blakneys, my Papa's (my mother's dad's) side of the family. But Burnsville is not far away as the crow flies, where his folks are from.

This day was not full enough yet! After we got back to Bren's, she loaded us up on the Chuck Wagon and we took off across the pasture. (She's done this a few times - lots of practice!) What a wonderful ride and tour!

An old Coke truck that David bought at an auction, for parts.

The "boys' college education."

Rough roadbed through the trees.

Bren and Jim's house nestled in trees. I remember when you could actually see the house from a distance. That's my Explorer right in the middle where I park under one of the big trees.
After this, Bren took us on over to New Prospect Church, where they are members, and behind the church, Theresa and Harry's home. He's a Master Gardener and his creativity needs a post all its own...

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