Monday, May 10, 2010

Rainy Monday
On a private pier on Massalina Bay, near Sher's house...

Mother's Day was quiet and restful. Amy had to work, so after Sunday School and church, Paul and I went to Kelley's for the buffet. This is their busiest day of the year and well it should be - many mothers of all ages being taken out to eat or taking their moms and grandmothers out for a nice lunch. We sat at a two-top on the elevated part of the floor, and just below us were Mr. and Mrs. Sigman. He and Paul talked about politics almost the whole time. Except for the difference in levels of the tables, we could have been lunch partners. Very nice folks.

After lunch, Paul and I napped then went to church at 6:00. Kirk Owens, just returned from a two-year mission trip in East Asia, spoke. It was so interesting and great to see him.

Since I had slept a lot of the afternoon, I watched two taped episodes of Lark Spur to Candleford on PBS. I love the British programs, and especially PBS since there are no commercials. It was after 11:00 when I went to bed, but it was so nice to know I didn't have to drag myself out of bed at 6:00 this morning to go to work.

Today I've been putzing around on the computer, trying to coordinate a doctor's appointment with the hospital affiliation in my PPO. Such a chore. I don't usually rant about stuff here, but if it's this time-consuming and often confusing with our present health insurance, what will it be like when the national gears up? (Another rant I have, which I'll just mention here is people who let their dogs loose. Most just wanna have fun, but Oscar doesn't know how to play and feels threatened if they go much past first sniff... Regardless - there is a leash law.)

I made chili for lunch and it was ready when Paul got home. Wonder if he'll eat it again tonight? Don't you think cooking once a day is plenty?

And I cleaned out my 50-pound purse. I put just the bare necessities back into an old billfold type purse on a strap I carried several years ago. It has my little purse, my little camera, a pen, pencil, tiny tape measure, tiny Swiss Army knife with scissors, and a calendar.

It was 60 degrees along with the rain today. I checked the white rose sticks again earlier and they haven't turned completely yellow, so maybe they'll make it with the natural watering. I think if I look at them every day, they'll know I'm pulling for them. Maybe if I sing to them... No, that'd be a big mistake.

The daffodil horse at Vador's Garden Center on Poplar, Germantown, which is a big equestrian community and there are several painted/decorated horses like this along Poplar/Germantown.

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