Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happiness Is...

Sharing a hot fudge sundae with your dog on a humid late spring afternoon. I made sure he didn't get any of the chocolate. I couldn't eat all of the chocolate either it was so sweet.

It's also getting things organized - things I've stuck here and there thinking, oh, I'll put them up later. And now it is later. Actually making files for things instead of sticking pieces of paper behind a letter divider in the file drawer. Repurposing binders and dividers - I sent a couple back to the office with Paul for him and Theda to make use of if they can. The space between the wall and the file cabinet is still a storage area, but I know what's there now and I can see it without having to move other things. Lovely!

Happiness is having good insurance, although today I had to run down some more PPO information. It seems that the first of the year our out-of-state in-network hospital provider (Memphis area at least) is now Baptist again. It was Methodist for a few years, and before that, Baptist. Switches back and forth with each new PPO it seems. It's a job coordinating the physician with the hospital affiliation. Not that I think I'll need a hospital - I hope not! But it's good information to know because otherwise the coinsurance is 30% instead of 10%!

I took a break from my new hobby of organizing and went to Walmart and of course, did not leave without spending at least $100. Then the hot fudge sundae beckoned me. Now I really need a nap, but it's kinda late... Back to work.

What!? What am I thinking? If I were still working, I'd be nearly weeping because I couldn't take a nap.!

Have a good afternoon, everyone!
After my nap:
Downloaded some pictures from camera and this was there - the bottom two quilts are ones Paul's maternal grandmother, Mother Ruth (Broughton), made - every stitch by hand. Mama Nick said her mother made it for her; some of the edges are ragged and I need to find how to repair or at least keep the edges all together. (One website said to encase in tulle or other sheer fabric. It is all still there, but not liable to get torn off the quilt.) The top blue and white is one Mama made for me (Hunter's Star); and the light blue, white, tan is a twin size matelasse I got while at Sher's - seashells on the bluey background. Years ago I rescued two quilts Paul had from home (his home) that he used in the shop! Pretty major damage, but I have those folded on top of a bookcase. This Dutch Girl (my former boss's wife Mildred Carpenter made a Dutch Girl for me years ago) has 48 little girls, all hand-appliqued. Patience, heritage, heirlooms...

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