Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Good to be Home; Catching Up

So much to do - still haven't unpacked my suitcase, but have most everything else put away or near its "home."

Sher and I spent the night with Melanie Thursday night, so good to see them, Nate is such a big boy, sweet as pie; Zach is so tall and good looking! Good ball players! Friday we drove from Pensacola to Iuka (she mostly, I drove about an hour and gave her a little break!). Spent the night with Mama Nick, visited Mike, Marsha and family at rehearsal supper, then at their house. Saturday quick trip to Pleasant Hill Cemetery and made pictures of markers (no telling how many of these I have!), to Oldham and the old bridge, walked around the house Goobie and I lived in. Back at Mike's, Sher and I left about the time he and Benjamin did going to the church. Made lots of pictures there before, during and after the wedding - Morgan so pretty! Steven so handsome! Little brother Steve (Stephen) came all dressed up, too, so of course we four had our picture made together. Mike, bless his tender little heart, is all for it now. I think we're all so glad to be together and have each other. Okay. I won't cry... Paul and Amy barely made it because of the heavy rain - they couldn't see two feet in front of them! All went well, the reception was nice and we left around 4:00 to go back to pick up Oscar at Mike's, then to Mama Nick's to get my stuff. I asked for, and she graciously gave me, some of her old quilts.

So here are some pictures... I've put most of them on Kodak.com and sent the link to family and some friends. Had some prints made, others yet to do. Takes time. Glad they turned out so well! After I made sure they're all downloaded and backed up on external hard drive, I deleted them from all my cards. Amazingly fast deletion compared to the days and hours of pictures made. A flash of light, a digital image - there and not there... Nothing like paper prints and that's why I'm getting a lot done!

On one of our drives - someone working in his studio.

Sher's drawing of Mrs. Brumley's house on Pleasant Hill Road, Iuka.

Mama painted this. How odd (or is it??) that I got the one she did in reds and Sher got this one, "our colors."

Signing one of her paintings for the art show.

One night we rearranged her studio and everything finally fit!

Melanie, Sher and grandson Nate.

Sher's former home in Columbus. We drove through there and it was nearby. She had added the drive in front and the steps up the slope were a more recent addition.

One of our stops - Papa's house at Glen, MS. It is not occupied now - the couple has finished their new home down the road. Wonder who will live there next? Such a pretty little cottage.

Small pond across the road from Papa's house. There's a rope swing for jumping off into the water. A duck is under the little pier.

Mike and Sher at Goobie's house (background) at Oldham. (Papa built their house above in the 1930's; Goobie was a widow for 30 years. This is the house she and I lived in for about 3 years in the mid-1960's.)

Mike and me at Oldham bridge. Probably the same railings as when I was little, walked there with Papa, and threw rocks off into the creek. They were really high then, though!

Mike inspects the old Cougar. A shame it sits and rusts.

Us. Tighter than ever.

Mike and son Benjamin before leaving for the church.

Gettin' the hair done.

Morgan gets help from mommy. (The heart and locket I sent her are attached at her waist.)

"I can't breathe!" Aunt Sherron told her, "Suck it in, Scarlett!"
The Mystery of the Missing Tie is solved.
Daddy's little girl. "I Held Her First."

Lighting the unity candle.

With this ring... Morgan and Steven Ashe.

Marsha, Morgan, Mike.

You're not gettin' away!

The wedding party.
Yummy chocolate groom's cake!

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