Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Hours Swiftly Fly

Sher and I got the silly giggles last night as is our custom. It was way past time she should be going to sleep so she could get up this morning. It was one of those laugh till you cry/hurt/can't breathe hysterias, but we finally went to sleep.

She found out yesterday she has a week-long conference in Atlanta the week after she drives to Iuka for Morgan's wedding, and that she has to give a presentation. She'll get back home (FL) Sunday and leave Monday for the meeting. This resulted in appointment conflicts and rescheduling. Today she has to have her paintings delivered to the art center by 7:00, but other errands will have her cutting that close, too. And today she receives a commander's coin (medal), but doesn't know yet for what achievement... She works so hard. And I'm glad it's her (and glad for her) and that it's not me!!

We enjoyed the meat loaf supper last night - I was glad I could grant her wish: to have supper on the table when she got home from work. Such a nice feeling. We'll have leftovers tonight. After we ate, she and I walked the dogs then sat in the yard with Jordan for a while, talking. The mornings and evenings are pretty cool.

Sher has many of the leather-bound classics she bought years ago and one is Wuthering Heights, which she got out of her bookcase for me (I couldn't find it), and I may read it, along with A Walk by the Sea and others in the stack. And there are the distractions outside, like this little fellow (he didn't speak, so I don't know if he has a British accent); dignified Bailey - the lovely prism of the front door, and O leaping up when I move and following every footstep...

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Dianne said...

wish i were with u! My sis works at the base down from St. Andrews, right beside the bridge!