Friday, March 12, 2010

Southern Women's Show

We enjoyed the show at the Agricenter this afternoon. There was so much to see; and either we didn't get around to all the exhibits, or there is much more boutique type items displayed in the booths. There was a lot of jewelry, purses, scarves. The first Show I attended had a lot of culinary displays: cooking, foods to try, kitchen gadgets, spices and specialty items - relishes, sauces. Anyway, it was probably all there, but we didn't see it. We did have a good time, the tickets were free, the shuttle rides were from parking lot to the exhibit buildings were provided by Serra Chevrolet (it was a cooler day and had rained). We ate in the concession area and had crepes from - voila! - CrepeMaker! Lunch was chicken salad crepes and before we left we had banana/strawberry/chocolate/whipped cream crepe to share. We even ran into some folks from Wynne.

Can you tell which is this girl's real hair and which is the fall? There were hundreds of falls and the ladies were very good at matching hair colors. The girl's natural hair was cut in a bob about the length of the sides. The beautician is pinning the fall in.
Amy got some pretty sandals and a (I call it) railroad cap, but I'm sure it has a more stylish name. We also got some fun sunglasses. I have prescription ones that are pretty, but these can just be kept in the vehicle and they fit over my regular glasses, somewhat like the cataract shades. (Speaking of cataracts - Jean had her second one today and is doing fine.)

Channel 3 WREG/Memphis had a booth and one of the news anchors (Kris Anderson) was there. Amy had her picture made with him (by me). He was very nice.

Sue Whitney presented a program about recycling/reusing "junk" items to decorate your home. It's not fair that some people have these brilliant ideas, such as using a fire escape ladder for bannisters and discarded ballet bars for the bannister! She's written books on the subject, appeared on TV shows including HGTV's "Country Style." Her business is called JUNKMARKET.

Paul arrived at Amy's shortly after we got home with terror dog. He was in high form! Looks sooo cute and slick - Sherrill did a great job and his coat is so even, unlike when I do it. I know the last time I finally gave up when I got to his legs - he and I were both worn out. Paul said O was very subdued at home and didn't think he ate anything. (But he was only gone a little over 24 hours.) I think he was so glad to be back with the "women" he didn't know what to do, and after he ate, he calmed down some. We were glad to see him, too. AND Paul!! Amy told Oscar he was not the center of the universe, but he really is. At least he thinks so.

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