Saturday, February 27, 2010

Of Coats and Cars

Old car parked near Huey's in Memphis. Amy asked the driver - it's a 1950 Plymouth, traded even for an old truck he had. Love those roomy old cars.

Burlington Coat Factory - playing with the coats (faux fur)...

Paul's 1972 Ford he's working on. Oscar checked out the driver's side... Gotta have those Mississippi State emblems!

Drove to Wynne yesterday evening, took 30 minutes to get across the bridge; traffic very slow on both routes. "Old" bridge there was a convoy moving a double wide trailer; "New" bridge construction. I cut through the old highway through Marion, not sure if I saved any time, but there wasn't any traffice to deal with.
We watched some of the Olympics last night; Paul watched "Arkansas Week."
Spent most of this morning going through paperwork, mail, and filing or throwing away junk mail. Paul's been working on the Ford or busy in the yard. Beautiful day! I need to get myself together and be presentable, go to the grocery store! Nice just piddling this morning, but did get a lot accomplished.
Sher called and had been to women's art class. Wanted to know how old our grandmother was in a picture we have of her. Just about the same age as Sher is or will be in August. Goobie looks older, I guess, but younger to me all the time as I've passed her age! Styles change; she wore her hair up and rimless glasses. A dark suit - I know she was 57 and it was probably made about the time Papa died.

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