Thursday, April 02, 2009


I took down "Followers" because here was only one person "following" (visibly) that I could tell and although I know other people read here, it just looked kind of funny to have one follower. Then I felt embarrassed because after all, this person took the time to let me know she is a follower. I apologize. I'm putting it back up. I may not have any followers again, but it's there! I hope you don't think I am a meanie. It wasn't my intention at all! That lead me to the thought of what the whole revival was about - witnessing about Jesus - following Him - if there is only one person we can touch and lead to Christ, that is One Person and they are very important. One Person is very important.

And so is One Follower of my often-silly entries on here!

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Dianne said...

I am so touched that you had that much concern for my feelings. I just couldn't out how to get you on my blogroll! Didn't know I could just cut and paste. I would still be your bloggy friend even if you left it off. Thanks