Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This week we've had revival at church and I use "we" with guilt because I have not been. Sunday I slept later than usual and Paul was sick and stayed home yesterday, too. It just felt right to stay home with him, so you see, it's all his fault. Not really. Not at all. Wesley made copies of Sunday's workbooks for me. I know it's very imporant and I hope to go tonight and Wednesday. Then Thursday is a WELL meeting at church and I like to attend those. Bren and I discuss very often the expectations we place upon ourselves and how, after working all day, and at our ages, it just isn't as easy to do extra things in the evnings any more. I know it's also important to be with other believers and learn how to share our faith in everyday situations. Usually I just have to see how the day has gone and if I have enough energy left to do anything extra. I'm missing blessings by not being there, yet it is also such a relief and yes, a blessing, to be home after a long day. Another aspect of being revived.

But I am going to try to go to the rest of the services.


Kaye Butler said...

I had company this weekend, so I didn't make it to the revival yet either. We plan to make the one Wednesday night, the night with no track practice!!!

Danny Futrell stopped by and said they had a great crowd both Sunday and Monday!

M & M said...

Hey I like your blog and thanks for the comment!!! I hope my knees get better too. When I fell I didn't cry, and they hurt.