Monday, December 01, 2008

Time to Get Up!

Yeah, right! Turn that light off!

I didn't make it yesterday - up, that is. I remember pushing the snooze on the radio/clock. Paul said he tried to get me up and I have no recollection of that. It was after 8:00 when I finally woke, with that "where-am-I-what-time-is-it?" dopey feeling going through my brain. I guess after three days of merriment and traveling I'd just had enough. Wesley said attendance was down yesterday and only about 20 in the choir.

I did bake two birthday cakes yesterday: one for Amy to take home and to work with her; and one for the workshop. I made Paul and me two cupcakes of Amy's recipe so we could have some of her birthday cake. I was embarrassed to ask her what her favorite is since, years ago, I told Colby another flavor! It IS chocolate with cream cheese icing. (I'd told him yellow with chocolate and for some reason ever since have gotten it confused!)

It's cold, damp and yesterday it even sleeted.

Brother Steve called this morning to see what the temp in Brownsville, Texas, is. Steve, the free spirit. He winters in warm places. I told him I was going to visit him there.

Left a message for Dr. Harriman (orthopedic MD). My itchy-nervy foot is acting up again and worse this time. Now it's even hurting during the day, all the way up to my knee. The knee I hurt a couple years ago climbing around in the attic. So is it the knee or the ankle, or both? As long as I can get some relief I don't care which joint he starts with. Probably all the walking Friday (a lot for me anyway) and cleaning out dresser drawers (on my knees to get the drawers out)... I bend, stand, walk, on my feet a lot, kneel - I pay.

Enough grumbling.

Tonight Amy and I are going to the Christmas supper at church. I'm looking forward to that! I love looking at all the tables, visiting, the food, the program. Since I wasn't at church yesterday I didn't get my Journey devotional, so maybe I can get that tonight.

I have Kirk's care package ready to go - just need him to send his address. It weighs just at 20 pounds, the limit. You can get a lot in that box - it didn't appear so when it was empty, but I kept putting things in there. The only thing I couldn't find was Bush's sauerkraut, but I did get another brand. I'm just hoping the honey makes it.

Bitty approved the new swing, too...

Some fall color left in the yard...

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Kaye Butler said...

I guess Mr. Nichols can come in handy every once in a while!