Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mini-Vacation Almost Gone

This morning Paul worked in the yard again. I think this is the last round of leaves because he parked the mower in front of the Camaro in the garage.

The new swing! Paul had first hung it a few days ago and asked me what I thought and about that time Oscar jumped up on it like he always does, but he almost missed his landing! "It's a little too high," I told him. O would have gotten used to the extra inch or two, but I could tell by sitting in it it was a little higher than before. Now it's just right. Great job!

Bitty never goes for the couch! But this morning there she was just as relaxed as - a cat! So we left her there. Paul said she'd been inside since about 5:30 when he got up this morning and she was still napping at mid-morning.

Amy's house.

A street near Amy's house. I popped the colors a little, but not much - the leaves are still so pretty!

Christmas tree lot on Union.
Amy asked some nice strangers walking along the street to make this in front of where we ate - the Young Avenue Deli.

Amy's birthday surprise.

What can I say? Our beautiful daughter! Happy Birthday!

Going home - Riverside Drive and the river in the background.


And Mama would have been 80 today... I told Amy and Paul, "I can just hear her say, if she were here: 'How can I be that old?' " I miss her so much, but I wouldn't want her here to be so sick, either.

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