Sunday, December 07, 2008

At the end of the church service tonight, there was a video link for all of us to see/hear Kirk live as Brother Matt asked him questions. Kirk talked about some of the things he has seen God accomplish where he is and Bro. Matt assured him we will be lifting him up in his work there. Two things: a relief from a cat allergy on a gift of a comforter, which he had also had cleaned and still had problems with, but by God's grace Kirk hasn't had a problem with the allergies in a couple of weeks! Another was the change in the life of a new believer, who has been "called out" from things he once did.
Brother Matt called Kirk our hero and he really is. This is a young single man who has given at least two years of his life in a remote part of a country that is not friendly by any means to the spread of the Gospel. He has gone there to love and embrace those people for the love of Christ. Can we who call ourselves Christians do any less here?
I'm thankful to be able to pray for and encourage him. He's an example to me.

Today I -
Went to SS and church.
Went to Sonic for their wonderful steak sandwich they have again!
Went to Walmart for a gift for a shower I only knew about this morning.
Went to the shower. (Gwen Bretherick's new daughter-in-law Heather - wedding shower)
Walked Oscar to school (and back!)
Worked on Christmas card list.
Talked to Sher.
Moved the little TV back into the den. (I can't see it in the bedroom for now.)
Called Salinda/Richard about Diane. (Her visitation was tonight and service tomorrow at 2:00.)
Didn't take a nap, though I dozed for about four minutes in the recliner after I ate.
The new med is working well (Lyrica); I sleep like a baby on a cloud at night and my legs don't hurt. The heart rythm is a little off, but maybe that'll settle down once I'm used to the new med. This is the second day and it isn't as noticeable as it was Saturday.
Paul's back hurt yesterday and today; I think it's all from the strain he did to his side last weekend. He's been taking Advil for it. Yesterday he had a headache and took Claritin. That and a nap helped and he went to the parade at Earle.

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