Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CrossRidge Tree

I'd forgotten about the community decorating of the tree at the hospital until Jean called to remind me last night. I went by Caldwell for some ornaments, it being practically next door to the hospital, and their WillowTrees were on sale. (I didn't know it till I checked out.) I got three: Two for memorials: Teri and Mama; and one in honor of Mama Nick. Julia was there with her mommy (Joy) and Granny Jean.

I came home and heated the last of the soup. Paul and I are both tired. Yesterday he took a young man to see about painting and repairing some places on Amy's house, then stopped by to see her, had city council last night, after which he is always sort of "wired" and has trouble sleeping. Then the radio show this morning where he discussed the council agenda. He's gone to bed (7:20) and I'm on my way soon!

This afternoon Cindy asked us all if we were going to be at work on the 23rd. "Goodie Day," she said. Cookies, and candies, and cakes, oh, my! Well, I can still get my jeans on, I'm still trying to stay away from the chocolate and Dr. Peppers. On January 2, I probably won't be able to get in a thing I have!

Sher's vein procedure went well today and she's spending the night at Amy's, just in case a problem arose. The doctor told her to just resume normal activities; she said it was a really easy procedure. She said he didn't know normal activities meant shopping at Davis-Kidd and Whole Foods. She called this morning just south of Memphis on Highway 78 and wanted to know how to get to Walnut Grove Road. "I think I need to get on Perkins!" Well, I told her the way I knew to go - continue on north to 240E and around the loop till WG Road. She probably went the Perkins way when she had her consultation. She'd left her Mapquest at home. She was going to take pizza slices to Amy's for supper.

For Teri - Victory! For Mama - She loved the ocean and shells. For Mama Nick - Birdhouse in the country in her back yard.

Busy Julia! Keep up, Granny Jean!

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