Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

We're at home and it's Christmas Eve. Earlier I went to the grocery store, to Walmart (for one item - really - only one item - an ice pack!), and filled up my truck with gas. The grocery store was very busy, but the new Hay's with the additional floor space made it so much nicer and easier to get around. Almost everyone else in Wynne was at Walmart - I'm soooo glad I wasn't there with a basketful in a line of 15 waiting for 30 minutes to check out! I got my ice pack at the pharmacy center which wasn't very busy.

Last night we went by Neall and Becca's and visited with them and Sol for a few minutes. I was about to tell Neall "It's an ornament," when Sol decided to see if the John Deere tractor would withstand a crash to the floor. It didn't. Both wheels broke off! Oh, well - he was pretty excited about the box it came in anyway. Maybe they can glue the wheels back on. I also gave him a Bible Storybook.

Paul and I went to Jonesboro for our anniversary supper and ate at Chili's. Afterward we did a little shopping - I picked up a few " 'prizes" for Amy. When we were going in Dillard's there was a young lady in the parking lot (it was drizzling rain) trying to fold up one of those multi-purpose strollers to get into the trunk of her car, without success. I thought maybe if the front seat was tilted all the way back it would fit in front. It wouldn't. The baby was in the baby seat in the car wailing and she was desperate! The baby and the young woman! She was babysitting and had no idea how to fold up the stroller. We tried to help and I told her I'd see if I could find someone inside who could assist. First couple I ran into, I asked. (They thought I was asking where I could find a baby stroller!) The man went outside and I prayed he could help her out of her dilemma. Later in another store, this couple was there also and he told me he'd been able to get the stroller folded! It was so nice to know she got help! Nice folks.

I talked to Sher. She'd met Mel last night with Nate and he was glad to see him mom. She said the only time he teared up the four days she had him was when they were watching "Home Alone." He was fine through all the mishaps and funny things, but when the mommy was looking for her little boy, Nate said, "I think it's time for me to go home now." Sher quickly got his attention directed elsewhere. She said she may come to Amy's Saturday if Jordan can meet her there. Or she may anyway. We're flexible - I'm taking simple food in case we cook, and if not, we'll eat out somewhere - will be much easier and less stressful. We'll have Amy's ham baked and can eat on that if we get hungry. Sher wanted "one slice" of mincemeat pie - Mama used to make them out of the Nonesuch brand minced fruit in a jar. So good. Raisins, chopped apples, spices.

Jimi Ann brought over a gift from her and Virginia - a small cross - which I love - and hung it on one of the bookcase knobs. I took them a small bag of shelled pecans - results of Paul's hard work. I know his fingers must be sore.

I've decided to let well enough alone in the little bedroom. It is not worth moving all those books (although some do need to be "repurposed!") and move and rearrange the furniture, and move Mama's dresser from Amy's. Sher agreed it was time to let some things go. "You've growed up!" she said. Yes, a little. It isn't easy sometime. Amy can use the dresser in her garage for storage. I mean, someday she'll have to do something with it anyway! So it will be easier on us to just get another stand for the TV when we get one. Hopefully, someone can use the small entertainment center we now have, though someday those styles will be totally useless due to the TV sizes. No hurry anyway.

I gave Oscar a bath this morning. He was very still and only tried to shake off once. But when it came to face-clipping time, and eye-drops, he was a little toot - I had to just hold him down finally. I think I'll take him to the garage and clip his underbelly and backside. I trimmed the most needed parts this afternoon and he loved it as usual.

Emmy sent us a "Thank You" card for her little Bible, along with a picture of her reading a card. Starting early - I hope she does love to read!

"Marley and Me" is on at the theater here and I think Paul and I are going tonight. I read the book some time ago and it was so funny. Should be good - a comedy with Owen Wilson, Jennifer Anniston. And the dog.

For supper: mac and cheese (homemade, not out of a box) with ham cubes from the Boar's Head ham I got at work. (The butcher at Hay's said it was a pretty ham when he sliced it for me. They've done that for years for us and we appreciate it.) And fried breaded okra, decaf iced tea. A fine Christmas Eve supper.

After supper, Oscar and I walked around the block and just as we got home, St. Peter's bells began to chime. "Carol of the Bells." Something I've never heard before on Christmas Eve, not being here...

Snatches of conversation, "I've got to get my make-up on...!" Apparently going to someone's house for Christmas or to a party. Donald across the street letting Gypsy out for her walk. The two little dogs from the Ervin house out on their own walk.

Tonight at 7:00 on TBS the marathon showing of "The Christmas Story" begins. I saw "It's a Wonderful Life" sometime last week. Haven't seen Sparky. Maybe not this year - just isn't the same after Christmas.

Update email from Kirk to all on his email list today - so many evidences of answered prayer there. People. Getting to know them. Time. The pictures of the solar system on the NASA "advent" calendar on Bro. Matt's website - the vastness of creation we have only glimpses of - and those glimpses are magnificent - who could imagine the beauty? God the Father could and did. Thank you, Dear God, for the Most Wonderful Gift of all. Thank you for gifts of contentment, peace, thank You even for the gift You give us of loving You. Thank you for your Son Jesus.

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