Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wish Everything Were as Simple as a Flu Shot

Amy said she will be the Acting Funeral Director at CHFH on Thanksgiving Day. I'm not sure about the day's schedule, whether she'll be able to leave for lunch, will work half a day or what. I was in the throes of a coughing spell and we had to hang up. She sounded tired anyway; it'll work out. I remember last year she did go back to work after lunch because we bought a pie where we ate (Cracker Barrel) and she took it back to the funeral home for the other employees.

I got to work at 7:30 this morning to be there when flu shots were given and also to get mine. Donna and Brenda from the health office had already been busy, but they weren't all bunched up like they have been in the past, teasing each other about fainting and it hurting so bad! It was a steady procession for about 30 minutes. There were 33 of us in Forrest City area who got the injections.

Carol Brown came for hers and asked me if I'd heard about her and Jerry's daughter Amy. I had. I don't know a lot of details, but I'll just say she is dealing with a bad mammogram report. She is the youngest of their daughters, just 29.

Our former football coach (retired) Don Campbell is having colon surgery today. He had a colonoscopy and the doctors found a mass. He now lives in Vilonia near his son Chris. He's at Baptist in Little Rock.

I had email from Keith Haygood this morning and some pictures of him and his family - he looks so good! He has gained 16 of the 20 pounds back he lost during the last surgery and is taking chemo but is tolerating it well. He plans to return to work November 24. I sent his message on to everyone I could think of that I had before.

(The next morning: Keith emailed and said he had visited with Chris and that Don's lab results were not good... Please pray for him, too.)

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