Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Realizing the Blessings

About my CT scan yesterday, the doctor’s office had called the house, left a message with Paul before I got home – all was good! No changes; the little bulby looking nodule hasn't grown since it was first discovered!! Follow-up again in 6 months and then another year (2 years total watching it; January 2009 will be the end of the year). So praise God for that blessing!!

Paul got me a “Roadie” XM radio last year for Christmas for my truck and I’ve enjoyed it.
There’s a station I listen to a lot and it is playing all Christmas music now. WRVR in Memphis starts their all Christmas music just after Thanksgiving I think. Our Glorious Gift of Christmas supper will be December 1 and Amy will get to come – I got her a ticket. We’ll be sitting at the table of her former piano teacher Claire Nix, so that'll be a nice visit. All our SS Christmas parties will be on Sunday evening December 14. (This is the table I did using Teri's dishes, borrowed from Tara. Jean helped me set this up that evening before the supper. I probably should have done one this year and will seriously consider it again next year if they do it.)

As I've said before, I hate to shop for clothes and I tried to order some from
Coldwater Creek online but it wouldn’t let me – something about the security was blocked. There’s a store in Jonesboro in the mall, and it's just not convenient to go often – it’s “up there” and I just don’t like to shop. So I found some things online, some on sale and called the store. The ladies I talked to were just great. They found or ordered everything I wanted. Carolyn 2 (has been here fewer years than Carolyn 1) wears their things, too and her granddaughter goes to school at ASU there, so she can stop by and pick up my order for me. I may have to send some things back but I hope not. Carolyn 2, Cindy, and Beck all order from there and it’s good quality.

I'm doing better I think, since our nutrition workshop last week. I have cut way down on my chocolate - I still have my stash in my office, but I don't visit it very often. I've cut back on my Dr Peppers, too. The soft drinks is what really gets me every time. I was having to pin my waistband, but now I don't! That's some progress.
Paul did yard work yesterday after all. He said the leaves were much easier to gather up and didn't have all the dust since it had rained yesterday. He loves "playing in the yard." He's also going to rebuild our swing. Yesterday, he got lumber at Jonesboro (Wynne didn't have the kind he wanted) and made a pretty quick trip, he said. The first swing we had I think the vo-ag department at the high school was building them for projects and we bought one. But Paul has repaired, replaced and repainted ours and this time will use treated wood.

Can’t wait for the ballgame weekend on the 22nd (MS State vs UA), Thanksgiving, Amy's birthday, then Christmas! Got to turn in some leave time for Christmas, glad it’s near the end of the week so I'll just have to ask for the Friday after off. Just something about the damp days, the bright, crisp days, Christmas music, seeing friends and family, Christmas parties and programs. The slow, quiet days of Thanksgiving weekend, snoozing under a quilt with a good book in my lap, or Oscar, or both, sound of the football games on TV...
Sure miss Mama and Teri, though. Mama would have been 80 on November 29.

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