Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunday School Class Meeting, A Wedding, an Author, Packing up,
and a Guest Writer

Our class met this morning at Pam Gaskins's home and I was early! I thought it was at 9:00 and it was 9:30. Anyway, she let me in. :-) Katie and her husband Derek were home for the weekend and I got to meet him before he left the house. Katie stayed and we enjoyed her company and visiting with each other. There were twelve of us ladies. Alta told us about the cruise she and her husband enjoyed for their 40th anniversary, although she was seasick a lot. The first cruise they took 15 years ago was on a larger ship and she said it really made a difference. She also told about getting bargains in Clark's shoes - my and Stephanie's favorites, too! Shelby's voice was very hoarse so Stephanie will teach our class tomorrow. We had so much good food and of course enjoyed Pam's home and hospitality.

Paul performed an outdoor wedding ceremony for Brandon and Rachel Hudson. It was the first time I had attended a ceremony at which he officiated. It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect, there were many guests, and the bride and groom were beautiful and handsome. Each had four attendants and a flower girl and ring bearer. Judy Hudson is Brandon's grandmother and Carlena Hudson is his aunt, both ladies being in our SS class, but were absent from the class meeting to attend and assist with the wedding. I was very proud of Paul and it was very nice of their family to want him to officiate. Sher called as we were on our way home and I told her where we'd been. "I didn't know Paul did marriages," she said. "He doesn't," I told her. "He only does one marriage - ours, but performs weddings."

Sher said she had been to the Eudora Welty Symposium there in Columbus this morning and was so excited to tell me someone she had met from Iuka! Rita Grimsley-Johnson! Well, I was excited, too! Her column used to be in the Commercial Appeal; she wrote Charles Shultz's biography and some other books; she lives in Iuka about seven months of the year and knew some of the same people Sher did. She didn't know there used to be a store at Oldham (our great-aunts') but she knows where Oldham is! "Don't you remember at the Apron Museum, the owner showed us a book Rita Grimsley-Johnson had written?" She didn't - but she got an inscribed copy of one of her books and said Rita told her she would send her another small book about Iuka called Red Clay and Vinegar. Rita (now she's a first-name friend) told Sher she has a standing invitation for lunch at Cafe Memories in Iuka, whenver they both happen to be in town. (Her most recent book is Poor Man's Provence.)

I have what I hope is a week's worth of supplies to load into the truck late tomorrow evening. We plan an early departure Monday morning for our vacation! (Of course, we will have to get some actual food once we get there!) I tried to think of everything we might need because as I said, "town" is not handy. Everything from a couple of bathroom night lights, to popcorn, to paper towels, to peanut butter and crackers. We will take more than we'll use, but who knows who might need a crossword puzzle book or extra library book. Sher had planned to come down from Columbus Friday evening, then thought she would just take the whole day off, then if the whole day, why not just come on Thursday night so she'd have the whole day Friday? So looking forward to her and the kids coming! Amy and Mel haven't seen each other since last year either. I imagine Nate is growing so fast; Sher said he didn't want to talk much on the phone any more. Growing up and away already...

This may be it for a little while, unless I say goodbye again tomorrow! All you readers - thanks for stopping by often to see what's going on with us - we're such an exciting bunch - and it doesn't take a whole lot to make us happy! You all have a wonderful week!!

From Oscar

My Mommy got one of those buzzy things to do my toenails and I do not like it one bit. But she keeps trying to climate me, she says. But she says we are going on a long trip and a couple of times she has put a drop of something on my tongue to see if I will calm down when I hear my Daddy's recliner. I think it will take more than one drop. I am an excitable puppy! She keeps saying something about sand and lots of water. Well, she knows I do not like to take a bath, so we'll see. We walked in the cemetery today and we always go to this one big stone that says Teri on it. My Mommy said she will bring a new shell to Teri. I think this Teri liked the big water and shells, too. We will look for a special one for her and for Grandma, who my Mommy said liked the oshun, too.. I think everyone likes water except me. I will let you know when I get back. I think I will sleep a lot, but that Big Sister Amy will be riding and she really gets me going sometimes. I will try to be good.

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