Friday, September 19, 2008


Marsha's my brother Mike's wife) grandmother died yesterday evening and Mike called me today. Nanny (Offie Alma Willingham) was 93. The family had just had a birthday celebration for her last Saturday; her birthday was actually Wednesday, I believe Mike said, for she died the day after her birthday. Nanny was like Marsha and her sister Darlene's mother, having raised them when their dad died very young and their mother was not present. (Happily, they and their mom have since reunited.) She lived in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Nanny always checked on Mama when she would be at Mike and Marsha's or Mama always walked out to their house to see her when she was there. The funeral is Sunday and we plan to go. First we talked about going to the visitation tomorrow night, but it'll be somewhat easier for us to travel that distance and be with them Sunday rather than Saturday evening. Sher will come up from Columbus and I'll see if Steve wants to ride with us.

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