Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jeans Dilemma Solved

I went shopping for jeans this past Saturday. I tried them on again at home and then put them back in the bag to return them.

Today I went for something at Wal-Mart and finally something clicked! Remember I said Paul's jeans fit all except the length? So I got the waist size and what I thought was my length and after a few tries of different ones - voila! Problem solved! As long as they don't shrink too much in the wash/dry, they'll be fine - I allowed a bit in the length for that, and I can wear them several times before I wash them anyway. (We found out last year when we were with Mama at the hospital that you can wear clothes over and over for several days and no one ever notices, cares or complains.) I think they're what would be called "mommy jeans" now, but I don't care. I'm a mommy and I like them fine. The "below natural waist" and flared legs that look right on me are hard to find, cost a lot more, and did I mention I don't like to shop? So I guess I've found what I need in the men's jeans department. $15.50 a pair.

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