Monday, September 08, 2008

All in a Monday

The monitor I desperately would like to have had at work, and especially for the report I'm about to work on, is on the backburner - it'll be in the 2009 budget. I was assured it would be and that I would get it. It isn't easy reading tiny numbers in tiny cells on a tiny monitor. But, oh, well. 2009 is another year...

Last night we voted at church on a new music minister. He's a young man - 29; only a year older than Bro. Matt when he came! Luke Tolar and his wife Melissa presently live in Panama City and serve in a church there. When we met them after the service last night, Melissa told us she is originally from Leighton, near Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and went to school with a young lady from Iuka whose parents are Dale and Bonnie Moore. Paul remembers them better than I do. Dale was at Northeast the same time Paul was. He worked or works for the USPO. Muscle Shoals is only about 40 miles from Iuka, and Leighton is just a bit farther east. Small world. We look forward to his leading the worship part of the service.

Oscar threw up a while ago. I don't know what brought that on. He's only done that once or twice in the two and a half years we've had him. This was lots of food that evidently just rolled around in his tummy for a while and decided to come back up. He's gone to bed; usually around 8:00 he's ready and will go if I tell him, or puts himself to bed. Now I'm wondering if it wasn't the Nylabone I gave him Saturday. He scarfed it down in under a minute, while I was reading the directions, and had hoped it would give him at least 15 minutes of busy chewing time! He seems more hyper than he was; maybe we should start the round-the-block walks again, but oh my goodness, the cold and the heat! He's done so well in the back yard!

The Minnesota and Green Bay football game is on and they've said quite a bit about Bret Favre. Too bad he retired and all that. I guess you have to be sure, and maybe he was at the time. Maybe football was his hobby, too, and he just didn't know what to do with himself at the old age of 38.

While I'm gone this week (Thursday to Sunday) I may or may not post. I could do it from Bren's, just to keep up with how we spent our leisure hours together. I'm really looking forward to nearly three whole days together. We usually only have a few hours at a time occasionally during the year. I thought we might drive up to Cloverdale since we've talked about that before, not that I need to go. Sher said, well, if I go, she wants to, not that she needs to. "I'll have to go and tell you where everyone lived!" She does have a better memory than I do. So maybe Saturday afternoon. It's really pretty countryside and doesn't seem nearly as isolated as it did 40-plus years ago. The roads have been paved for some time, too.
Impatiens. Can you see the sparkles on the petals?

May be the last of the geraniums this summer.

Another leaf unwrapping itself on Mama's plant. (What is this plant anyway?)

I suppose I'm not desparate for a new monitor; it surely would save a lot of strain on my eyes and neck. But there are people who are desparate - and a monitor is the last thing they need. Thank God for new beginnings.

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