Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Went Shopping (or Who Was That in the Mirror?)

Not just grocery shopping, or laundry detergent/birthday card/cat collar shopping. Clothes shopping. If I had any doubt about what I should do, being in that dressing room with that total stranger in the mirror just confirmed that I should not eat any more bacon-egg-cheese biscuits from McDonald's. (Who was that person and how did she get in there with me??) I tried on a pair of jeans the size of which I thought and vowed I'd never put on again. And bought them. I don't like the trying on/taking off, having to get re-dressed to go get another size, trying on/taking off. Not only am I frustrated by that other person staring at me from the mirror, but hot and tired. (Why are dressing room mirrors always so much more revealing than the ones at home??) And when the reward at the end of all the trying on is a larger size, well... That just tops it! Or should I say bottoms it. Anyway, these things fit and I can breathe without having to undo the top button - and then wonder what the EMTs would think should I be in an accident while out driving around like that. My wise sister said it would be cheaper to stop eating. Yes, it would. But I didn't eat much for almost two years because of stomach problems, then found out I could eat again and you know how one Oreo can justify another... especially if you're a tad like Monk. And it was good to eat again.

I probably won't go shopping again for a while. I'd rather order at my computer - then the dumpling person from the dressing room mirror won't be sitting there looking back at me.

And I'm not even going to mention that Paul's jeans fit me better than the ones I got today, except for the length... But he's reeeaaallly slim and trim. Maybe I should take the ones back I bought today and "roll the bottoms of my trousers." I'm already old, anyway.

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