Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gulf Shores/Ft. Morgan

I made reservations for our vacation in October. Hurricane Ike flattened the beach ("There are no dunes"); but that beautiful ocean is still there. We're long overdue for a vacation. I had a few doubts about going, especially with gas prices like they are. But Paul said, no, go ahead and call. There were only two choices available for the dates we wanted, plus pet-friendly. (Wonder what Oscar will think of the surf!) We will be only about two miles from Footprints, where we stayed nearly four years ago when all the TB's were there. Has it already been nearly four years? The beaches were pretty flat then from Ivan's sweep. Ft. Morgan itself, at the end of the peninsula, is a good place to visit - a historic fort built from 1819-1834 to protect Mobile Bay and used also during the Civil War. There is also a ferry to cross over to Dauphin Island, Alabama. When we were there in 2005, it was closed because of the previous fall's storm damage, but I think it runs now. Richard said he and Linda crossed over when they were there this past May on their honeymoon. The condos along this strip are not exactly isolated, but are about 10-12 miles from Gulf Shores itself.

It did seem strange making this reservation by myself, but Teri did a good job finding this company (Reed Realty) when she called for the last trip there. So, thanks, Teri. We keep going back and I'll remember the great times we had there, too!

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