Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fast Week

Yesterday afternoon and this morning I spent in meetings going over software applications, namely Human Resources. It was a joy to know that there is a code to calculate the 401k employee and employer contributions without having to manually go into two separate screens to post these amounts. I will still do my spreadsheet because I use it to change amounts and submit online, and accounting uses the spreadsheet, too. There are some other things I can do, and will see how the year goes following all the information I have to keep up with for reports...

The huge report I was working on last week is done in FedEx has it on its way to the attorney's office!! I'm always so reluctant to start it, but once into it, it isn't as bad as I thought. The year's data, if kept correctly, falls into place like a huge puzzle. One down!

We had to buy a new dryer this week. Last year it was the washer, last month the dishwasher. Now the dryer! Paul actually went to buy it, took out the old one and installed the new one yesterday afternoon. It was taking entirely too long for clothes to dry and last night we dried three loads in the time one would have taken in the old one. The refrigerator is in good shape and I know the stove is because it rarely gets used. Anyway, it is so old that it's sort of back in style now with an antique look to it!

Paul and Amy are going to the drag races Sunday. This is an annual event and I'm not allowed to go. Amy has been once before. Paul won't let me because he says I'd want to leave. I don't want to go because just from what I've seen on TV, I know I couldn't stand the noise, heat and vibrations of those jet engines they call cars! He enjoys them, though, and has gone for several years when the event is in Memphis. Amy has three days off in a row so she'll have a mini-vacation.

I've missed church and Sunday School the last two weeks, so I'm ready to get back! Sunday afternoon while Paul is gone, I may nap; or I may just take a notion for a small trip to a real live bookstore. Sometimes I just have to have that fix of new bindings, papers, print!

I got our reservations all confirmed for Gulf Shores in October. (If I've written this before, well, forgive me. Things tend to slip off my brain sometimes.) When I got the contract, it had "no pets," but I had requested one of their condos that allows pets. Someone other than the rep I had talked to evidently had mailed the contract. There is an addendum to our contract since our "small pet" was allowed to go. Oscar was so relieved! He really wants to see what a beach looks like.

Speaking of Oscar. He's beginning to look very shaggy. That may be what I'll do Sunday afternoon if it's fairly cool outside. He needs a bath and a clipping, so it may be Dog Spa instead of Book Store.

Paul and I ate at Kelley's tonight. This was a no-brainer after scanning the cabinets and fridge and realizing we didn't want to eat canned viennas or stewed tomatoes. We had a good supper and great visit with Brother Dan and Shirley Minton, and Michael Ethridge. We sat at their table for about 20 minutes before we let them finally get up and we turned around to the next table and got our food. Both of us had the buffet. Brother Dan and Shirley are two of my very favorite people. He lived in Iuka many years ago, pastoring the church where Bren's uncle went. I think they were there about five years or so. He said that Herbert Booker called him recently. Paul said he remembered Herbert from working at one of the car dealerships. I don't know if my aunt Polly Booker's husband was related to him. We talked to other people while we were there, too, and learned that David Smith had died and his funeral was Monday. David used to till up a little spot for our garden in the back yard. Paul had taught him in school, too. He is also Wanda Smith's brother-in-law, her husband's half brother I think. I learn something about family connections all the time. Anyway, it was sad about David and I was sorry to hear it.
Sunday's sunset on the way home to Wynne...

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