Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Strangest Dream

I dreamed we were at church and I was walking upstairs and there was tar sticking to the bottoms of my shoes. Then I was following Sher, but she was about 14 years old and her hair was in braids. She was trying to get to the interstate, but she walked through the country on a gravel road, up a hill. I couldn’t see her after a while and stopped to ask a chorus of old Black singers if they had seen her. They had and then there were dogs running and barking. I followed in the direction Sher had gone and came to a bluff where I could see the interstate and cars traveling on the other side, but could not walk straight to it. You had to go around the deep ravine and on the other side of the ravine I could see someone on a very narrow ledge walking around it on that far side, very small, so it was a wide ravine. I thought that I couldn't possibly stay on that ledge to get to the interstate! Suddenly someone fell from the ledge and I could see them falling, falling, and then they were in a creek at the bottom! There was a huge bird of some kind, or maybe it was one of the dogs, that swooped down and got this person in its claws. Then I think this was the end of the dream, all I can recall. It was all very vivid color and clear, but strange.

It could be because I ate fairly late last night after the annual meeting. It could be from the antibiotics and the sinus infection; or the weird "ocular migraine" I headed off yesterday before it got too bad. It was probably a jumble of things that just needed to get "worked out" in a dream. Isn't that what we do in dreams? Work things out? Or was it a message?

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